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posted 3 Jul 2020, 05:04 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 3 Jul 2020, 05:05 ]
Some questions for any would-be Parliamentarian canvassing for my vote. Only four queries for now, but based on your response there are others to follow. I would prefer your reply be given via a public medium.

How do you plan to share your time in pursuing attendance, research and responses in Parliament; physically serving your constituents; being active in your political party; liaising with the local councilor/s; continuing in your chosen profession, while being a family man or woman? Please give a breakdown of the expected hours to be spent on a weekly basis.

What community work have you been involved in over the last ten years. This could include any sporting, cultural or business organization at managerial level?

State briefly what you have noted are the major issues deserving priority attention and resolution in your constituency.

State whether there is a structure in place to inform constituents on a regular basis on matters affecting them e.g. water shortage, infrastructure, known ‘hot-spots’ where anti-social behavior is entrenched, etc.

Note, dear ‘would-be’ Parliamentarian, I intend no frivolity, sarcasm or any negative thought, but being historically non-aligned (to any political party) I am skeptical of the political process.

Other questions are on a national perspective and may or may not arise based on your response. Born and bred on Coffee Street, I am a resident of San-Fernando East constituency. Thanks in advance.

frank sears
Turton Street
San Fernando