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posted 10 Jul 2018, 14:04 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 10 Jul 2018, 14:19 ]
On June 28th 2018, civil appeal P210 of 2018 was filed by the Public Services Association in the Court of Appeal against the judgement of the Industrial Court delivered on June 10th 2018 in the matter of trade disputes nos. GSD TDs 173-177 of 2018. 

The judgement referred to the dismissal by the Public Services Association of eleven workers who are members of the Banking Insurance and General Workers Union. The Industrial Court comprising Ms. H. Seale, Mr. G. Rousseau and Ms. B. Mahabir had ordered that the eleven workers be reinstated in their respective positions without loss of seniority, service and benefits.

The Industrial Court also ruled that they be paid their salary and other pecuniary benefits that were payable to them from the dates of their dismissals on or before July 2nd and that the workers be paid as damages, $10,000 each.

The Public Services Association has filed seven grounds of appeal including: that the Court was biased; that the Court intervened extensively in the trial proceedings. Appeals against judgements of the Industrial Court can only be filed on points of law.