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posted 11 Oct 2013, 10:53 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 11 Oct 2013, 10:54 ]
Although none of them has asked my priceless advice, I am willing to share it with some of those comrades, who in their old age, have now seen a different  light of day, have folded up their progressive banners and are now fighting heroically and manfully to become councillors and aldermen.
These same comrades (can we call them born again burgesses?), who previous to the amending of the legislation would never have seen the entrance to the Mayor's office, owe a debt to the Partnership, whom they courted, left and are now benefiting from. Ms. K must be one sweet woman. Right Daaga? 
Before I proffer my unequalled counsel, I need to follow protocols and declare my credentials. You know there are several bogus officials 'flying' around writing their own university 'ticket', so to speak. Can't keep a good crook down or on the ground, it seems. 

Yes I did work in the Plaisance Park Village Council, serving as Chair on a couple occasions. We fought against PNMism, Texaco and police brutality as a community. Oh it was okay to be a 'community leader' then, URP had not been invented, Prime Ministers did not court our favours and there were no contracts to be handed out. Texaco cut the grass for free and we did work with the OWTU to fight for 'social justice.' 

Okay comrades. First, remember that aldermen/councillors do not get to build box drains. That is reserved for MPs. Given the shape the Partnership is in, they are at a premium. Election fever is epidemic. More so than 'bird flu'. Or is it 'swine fever'? A Minister of Health who cannot tell diseases apart. No wonder the infant mortality rate spirals under his watch. Yet people still ask why some of us do not bother to vote. So aspiring councillors cannot pledge to repair drains, bridges and landslides! 

At best you can offer to cut the playing field. Or light up a Christmas tree in the area. Never did a tree in my time. Another very important consideration: if you comrades are considering handing out grass cutting contracts, move fast, real fast. The present Minister of Sport seems to hate green, on and off the political platform. Look at what he wants to do to the Eddie Hart Savannah! Can you imagine if he runs off the road somewhere and sees Jack at the side off the road? Instant Coosal for him! 

Well though my toupee is not in the ring I have sincerely and freely offered my experience and expertise as a former community leader, especially to those who, in seeking 'higher' office, have abandoned the Workers Agenda.