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posted 4 Apr 2016, 04:10 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 4 Apr 2016, 04:13 ]
If a person can transform his environment and individual and collective reality with commitment, perseverance, humility, fairness and responsibility, two and three can also, not to mention what millions can do.

The great changes of humanity occur when an organized people struggles to eradicate exploitation that the ruling class of society exercises upon it. It is clear that without organization, change is not possible. Our Venezuelan Constitution establishes that we are actors, not spectators.

Nowadays in Venezuela, in every town in this free territory we have a set of social elements which make up a new system of government that every day is more imbued with community and public participation - social protagonism - a palpable example of it is the grassroots organizations that today are known as Communal Councils. We could also define them as local self-governments and these are an essential part of the new democracy, participatory and revolutionary democracy.

We must bet on the Communal Councils and feed the culture of participation. We must believe in the ability of our people to organize and make decisions, as President Hugo Chavez said and as President Maduro has ratified: "The communal councils should not be appendages of the municipal government, or appendages of the Governorates, it does not have to be like that, they cannot be an entity attached or subordinated to the municipal offices.

The communal councils now conformed in communes have to be instances of participation, articulation and integration between the diverse community organizations, social groups and the citizens, that permit the organized people to directly exercise the administration (management) of public policies and projects, oriented to respond to the necessities and aspirations of the communities in the construction of an equal and socially just society. Otherwise we would be cutting off the wings to this system that is being born ...”

This new form of self-government is what is known as popular power, and from the Marxist perspective, the popular power is a proposal for the construction of socialism through a model of participatory and protagonistic democracy.

Ernesto Che Guevara said that for the construction of the popular power it is necessary to develop the "germs of socialism" that are present in the people and meet the expectations, aspirations and values present in the popular classes.

The continuity of the revolutionary and Bolivarian process and the political, ideological and economic conquest of the basic structures of the state, allowed the development of popular power through the foundations and pillars of the state and society, in a process from the bottom up, setting up radically different formulas emanating from the bourgeois democratic power, and fundamentally linked to the workers and the popular classes.

The bodies, entities and bodies of the public authority are obliged to promote, support and accompany popular form, develop and consolidate the various forms organized and self-government initiatives.