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posted 19 Oct 2015, 13:26 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 19 Oct 2015, 13:29 ]
I sit here wondering when some political scientist will write a book on the above headlines so that people like me can get a better understanding of all the shenanigans taking place between government and opposition in this so called de mock cracy.

For more years than I care to remember, every new regime goes into office and meets a lean or empty treasury. The allegations are always: the outgoing regime squandered, mismanaged and plain old fashion stole our children's patrimony. On account of that, I feel am always under attack. I must tighten mih belt and pay higher prices for basic commodities in order to survive. And this pattern continues every and all of the time. But, as Benjai sang a few years ago," Ah tired ah de same thing, over and over, over and over, over and over". Somebody taking mih for a dam fool! A dummy? Maybe? But I ent no fool!

It seems like the politicians really believe that the masses are asses, so, whether in government or in opposition they toy with the minds of the people. They are two sides of the same coin. The Apache says: "the left wing and the right wing belong to the same bird". The government and the opposition are guided by the same rules: May's Parliamentary Procedure. Dumb as I am, I never saw it as wise to get myself a copy that would give me a clearer picture of exactly what they are up to. But somehow I know that book is the source of my misery and the misery of all the suffering peoples of this rich nation.

But, as old people like to say, the longest rope has an end, If the average Joe steals from his job, we all know his fate. However, when politicians rob the country, we sure nothing would happen to them. Is business as usual, as they go about enjoying their ill gotten gains! They sit in parliament and engage each other in cross talk, and, there being the highest court in the land, they find the masses guilty of mismanagement and imposes heavy fines on them in the form of new taxes. How long will we accept that to be our fate?

Before we attained independence and Republican status, we were subjects of the crown. We were governed externally, with no power to make decisions to affect our lives. After we attained Republican status, we became Citizens of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. We are now able to hire managers from among us, to manage the affairs of our state.

Where these managers prove incompetent, we have the power to fire and or replace. Why then are we allowing our employees to act as governors over us? How, as citizens, we allow the persons we hire to manage our affairs, do as they please, and our power is expressed once every five years? Something is wrong with this arrangement, and it must be revisited post haste. A citizen has rights and holds more power over the hired hands than that which is allowed every five years. We the citizens must stop acting like subjects.

How can one set of politicians while in opposition, accuse the other in government of squandering and stealing from the public purse, and when the roles are reversed, they sit down together and make laws to keep the masses in subjection, with high prices and heavy taxes.

If office holders stole the people's money and leave the treasury dry there must be ways and means to recover the money from them. Not sitting in parliament playing hansy pansy with them and squeezing the citizens to refill the treasury for others to steal again, as is always the case. Those who commit the crimes against the people must pay. Or is that rule only for the average Joe. I don't know, I'm asking someone to write a book that can explain to dummies like me.

The citizens of this nation are bawling in silent screams, and their screams are getting louder every day. Their personal problems are getting unbearable, everyone is suffering from one sickness or another and the crime rate is only adding to their burdens. More money and guns for policing will never work. If you don't believe me, show an example anywhere in the world. To deal with these social problems, the citizens must be empowered.

Local Government reform is paramount, and a complete overhaul of the present structure of the police service must be undertaken with immediate effect. Community councils must be established, by law, to meet and decide what we want and don't want in our respective communities. it is only then will we see a reduction in the runaway crime rate.

Presently, I am contemplating writing a book on simple ways to manage a country, for dummy politicians. Hopefully, they would all rush for copies like hot hops.