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posted 12 Jun 2019, 15:46 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 12 Jun 2019, 15:52 ]
Gerry Kangalee
We all know, unfortunately some of us don’t care, that our political elites are just a bunch of bandits, hustlers and confidence tricksters who get together to loot and plunder public funds while facilitating the rank exploitation of labour by their one percent financiers. But oh gorm... they carrying this thing too far!

Impsbert has become part of folklore for his contemptuous dey ent riot yet statement. While he sniggered and sneered at working people and the poor, we laughed right alongside him as if this blow to our standard of living was a joke.

They retrenched thousands of workers and devastated the economy of large parts of the country, while turning over more and more control of our energy industry to Valentino’s “foreign parasites” And we responded by saying wha we go do, dey didn’t have a choice.

The Minister of everything, Rowley’s favourite son, Stuart Young argues that the immigration detention centre, which is nothing more than a glorified prison, is not an inhumane place, but our prisons are accepted as being hell holes especially for those who have not yet been convicted and who waste away in remand for years upon years and our response is to shrug our shoulders and say jail eh make to ripe fig.

Our bullhorn toting Minister of national security also claims that the frenetic registration of Venezuelans will enable the government to protect them from exploitation by employers. What a load of rubbish! Thousands of Trini citizens, particularly women, are exploited mercilessly by employers. They are paid less than the minimum wage, have their NIS deductions stolen and are subjected to a hostile work environment with rampant bullying, sexual harassment and exploitation.

All the Chambers of Commerce are rubbing their hands in glee as they see a bright new world of unhindered exploitation where wage rates at the bottom will be further driven down; where employers will not have to pay NIS contributions for their workers and where workers would be so vulnerable they would be willing to accept substandard treatment.

They are now moving to enact legislation exempting those migrants/refugees who register and are employed from paying NIS contributions. This will further weaken the NIS ability to meet its commitments in a situation where no effort is made to prosecute thiefing employers who rob their workers and the country of NIS contributions or to include the self-employed in the system.

They have so much contempt for us that they have been able to divert our attention from issues that affect our interests and onto red herrings. A big jhanjat is being made about what they claim is theft and sabotage in the oilfields costing TT$20 million, when it is they who got rid of the Petrotrin estate police and replaced them with Amalgamated Security, owned by the in your face Sabga clan.

Meanwhile, there is no focus on the AV drilling scandal which cost Petrotrin US$100 million; but after all Baksh is the friend of the Prime Minister. And what about all the Petrotrin oil that has been stolen by lease out and farm out operators since the early nineties and sold back to Petrotrin.

It seems that we have grown immune to the abuse meted out to us over the years by the bandits posing as politicians in the service of their one percent financiers – their puppet masters, but their latest outrage surely will make even the most abject of sycophants, at least scratch his head and say nah! This is a bridge too far!

Image result for pissing on the poorThese jacket and tie pirates have decided that it is not enough to insult and show scorn for working people and the poor; they have decided it is time to piss on us. These rip off artists have come up with a scheme whereby politicians who are entitled to pensions are passing laws to increase their pensions during a period when workers are losing their jobs in droves, the economy is in free fall and national insurance entitlements are under attack.

Just imagine the Prime Minister, the President and the Chief Justice at present receive a pension that is equal to their salary. Workers who are members of occupational pension plans are restricted to a pension that is no more than two thirds of their salary.

Not satisfied with this, the Rowley Administration wants to add allowances that these office holders receive to their pensionable salary, so that they could gorge themselves on public funds when they lick up the country and demit office. Still not satisfied, they want pension increases whenever, in the future, the pensionable salary of their offices increase.

Meanwhile, there is a massive propaganda campaign to convince the population that they must cheerfully settle for decreased NIS pensions and other benefits, all, of course, in the “national interest”.

While politicians are enjoying the fruits of our labour, national insurance contribution rates increases are scheduled to increase, in the short term from 13.2% to 16.2% and eventually to 25.5%.

They are attempting to reduce the pension for those retiring before age 65, by 6 per cent for each year before age 65. If they get their way pensions are going to be reduced to 80% of minimum wage.. They are also thinking about freezing pensions already in payment and merging of accident and ill health benefits. All these would of course redound to the detriment of working people and the poor.

So! Here we have it. Milk and honey for the bandits and confidence tricksters who control the public purse and bitter aloes for those who ent riot yet. The question we must answer is: do we really like it so?