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posted 14 Aug 2018, 07:18 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 14 Aug 2018, 07:24 ]
Rae Samuel
I have no idea how this one will play out although at the end of the day the non-result will be the same, but the signs that the 'weather' on the crime front, at least as far as policing goes, will hold.

The gods of national security, in a macabre way, as gods usually do, made a mockery of Khamal Georges accursed lot. It's bad enough to have your vehicle taken away at gunpoint but you would imagine it then is safe in the hands of the police. Then it is stolen again while in police custody. Or is it as some have been saying in commentary, police curse-tody?

Who conceives of stealing a vehicle that is in the possession of the police and then decides to actually go ahead and steal it? Was it done in the dead of day with alarms disabled and doors open? And then faster than a Black Panther hero, the police go out and find the re-stolen vehicle, with egg by the carton dripping off Commissioner Williams's face, its usual place for the last 5 years.

Me, I have a conspiracy theory re the second theft. It was not all a theft. If it were, someone would be up on disciplinary charges. It is an effort to remind us all of how the service ran under ex-acting and outgoing Commissioner Williams. One for the road as drinkers used to say before breathalysers ruined that ritual, except for judges, sons of business moguls and former politicians who can now go to court and say the law is a farce. A type of send off for the top batch to show what kind of service he ran.

Remember his first big bust - Rescuing Former government Minister Colin Partap from his captors at the Belmont police station after he was accused of driving drunk on exiting a nightclub? Sadly Colin was before his time. Nowadays judges and ex-politicos can plead not guilty claiming the law is an ass.

What of the incoming team? We have seen how many times the baton has been dropped or fumbled en route to this handover, much like our women's relay teams at the Olympics in recent times. And for the head coach our Cabinet has chosen a strange combination to run this round. Young lawyer and ex-military to run a paramilitary organisation based on an evaluation by an accounting firm.

No folks, this is not my allegedly unusual imagination. These are the people who will ultimately hold responsibility for your vehicle if it is wrecked or if it is impounded at a station. Better you park on the Beetham and leave the windows open? Aw c'mon. Don't say that!

In the end, like so many administrations before them, I want to say a la Lloyd Best that this team comes to office pre-collapsed. Even after the selection process has been completed it is incomplete. We heard that the salary has not been determined. Anyone who agrees to a job without agreeing to payment is either well off or has been hired for reasons not specifically related to the post.

It means that the individual has already agreed to whatever the pay package is and is going to be okay with late payments or modifications to the wages. In short, this person is not going to be living by this 'bread' alone. One senses alternative agendas.

What happens to the ex-minister of National Security? It seems that only Moonilal commented on the fact that he got a soft landing. Yes folks, this is the guy who got into trouble for allegedly trying to rob a pensioner of his house in New York. And now he gets the Ministry of Housing? Christmas in August!!

Ay ay yeeeeeeeee! Bring out the ham Daisy Voisin!