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posted 9 Apr 2015, 10:02 by Gerry Kangalee

I think the police should open their own newspaper and call it ""Police Introspection News''. There is not a form of criminal activity they have not been involved in recently. It appears that they have taken crime off the streets and put it in its rightful place…the back seat of squad cars or homes of business owners, according to them. One wonders if the person on patrol, sporting an assault rifle while giving you a ticket is indeed a police officer or a suspect in uniform? 

Is it that they recruit actively in the Remand Yard or does Law Breaking 101 form part of the curriculum at the Police Academy? Or has the Burroughs model taken root and become purified in the 'service’?  Randy allegedly never learnt to read and write so well but was willing to shoot like hell.

 Now I am no fan of the “Beyond the Tape'' but does the poor intimidated looking host seriously raise these matters on air? I know the weekly police briefing is simply to assure us that matters are being looked into…from the wrong end of a telescope! Even as false statements are accredited to attorneys or police files going missing. In this day of external hard drives and "clouds''!

But let us not be too hard on these officers in matters of technology.. Deputy Commissioner "I don't know how to turn off my cell phone on an airplane'' showed us exactly how high the technological bar is set in law enforcement in Trinidad and Tobago. And these people want to run "Youth Clubs' where 9 years olds max out the apps on smart phones. And then get into fights on the football field and use their sirens to make 3 lanes out of 2 on narrow roads...

But even as they pursue 'market rates' for these kind of services let us not forget that there are the good ones who stay on the cases of drunk drivers, racist politicians and dead beat moms.

Keep your eyes peeled and smart phones ready, dear readers, you never know when you may have to point out a suspect/police officer in an identification parade in a criminal activity near you. Only joking, Inspector Ramesar, only joking!