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posted 11 Sep 2019, 06:15 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 11 Sep 2019, 06:38 ]
"You can walk on the pavement, but you cannot carry your picket signs." 

"You do not have permission for a demonstration...You have to apply for permission for that.''

"You can stand in the Savannah but not on the pavement.''

"You may not stand in front of the office and hold up the signs.'' 

These were some of the contrary and confusing ‘directives’ given to a delegation comprising Carli Bay Fishi
ng Association, Claxton Bay Fishing Association, Fishermen and Friends of the Sea and the Orange Valley Fishing Association, when they went to present a letter to the Prime Minister at Whitehall around the Queen's Park Savannah on September 7th 2019.

Even the process of presenting a letter to Prime Minister has changed. No longer is it done at the front of the building but rather the delegations had to head North and then turn left onto a side street and then through a gate at the back. The Prime Minister failed to meet the delegations

They had gone to petition him “to embrace our security at sea recommendations” in the wake of a pirate attack which occurred on July 23rd at Carli Bay. The attack left 6 fishermen dead, one of whose body is yet to be recovered. “He was my only son and his body has not been recovered'' said his father at the gathering.

Five vessels were stolen. Although one person has been charged for murder and two for larceny some of the fisherfolk suggest that there are more involved. They also do not want this to simply fade from the headlines since Carli Bay, Claxton Bay and surrounding communities have traditionally been fishing villages where the fishing industry is a central economic activity.

The attacks have effectively crippled the means of livelihood for much of the community. Hence the call on the Prime Minister to set a commission to review the proposals they are putting forward.
Gerry Kangalee,
11 Sep 2019, 06:25