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posted 30 Jul 2018, 20:14 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 30 Jul 2018, 20:20 ]
Image result for petrotrinI remember Forrest Gump getting shot in the buttocks. The government said it was a million dollar wound but it looked like they keep that money since he never saw one penny of that million dollars.

Same goes for that $45, 000 salary me, the average Petrotrin worker, supposedly earns.

I wonder where else in the world a company has two managements: one loyal to each of the two major political parties. When one is in power, their people manage. The others are put into offices twiddling their thumbs while their salaries continue. Government changes and they switch places. I wonder what the average salary of one of these managers is.

The board needs to separate those figures. Management $X per month.; Human Resource $X per month; Operations $X per month.

That's the only way we can get a true picture. I promise you that at my work place, where we actually produce the oil and gas, our total salaries are below the total for those two areas.

I am strongly offended by the attempts by these people to paint a distorted picture of our reality, simply to justify their intention of bringing in private ownership. How much more of our country will we hand over to the minority? Talk of privatisation is in the air. We need external capital they say. The state cannot foot the bill. Yet aren't they the same people who bailed out CL Financial - a private entity. Who I wonder, benefited the most from that bailout?

So we bailed out the minority who would have had the most money invested there. Now are we going to turn over more of our state resources into their hands?

If we add both the US$850M due next year and the US$750M due shortly after, convert it to $TT at 7 to 1, that totals $10 500,000,000 or ten billion, five hundred million. How much did we use to bail out CL Financial, 22,000,000,000 or twenty-two billion? A private entity which contributes nothing to the nations coffers. Think on that for a minute.

We all know who are the ones chomping at the bit, waiting to get their feet in the door. I won't call their names. We all know whom I'm speaking about. It's really sad to see the way we are being taken advantage of here in T&T. The trouble is that the public are being fed all this propaganda. The house slaves are being used to carry the message of Massa in a successful attempt at dividing us, distracting us, while the Masters continue tightening the noose around our necks.