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posted 25 Nov 2009, 02:40 by Gerry Kangalee
Union activists from most of the major unions have been fanning out across the country handing out flyers and attempting to persuade people to support the programme of the People’s Democracy.

The People’s Democracy is a grouping of most of the trade unions in the country along with farmers’ organisations, fisher folk, community groups, single issue organisations, environmentalists, non-governmental organisations and civil society organisations.

These groups met on 24th October and discussed the many problem and issues that affected their members and the citizens of T&T and focused on what they believed were the major issues affecting the country as follows: the property tax, issues affecting the labour movement, issues affecting the vulnerable in the society, food sovereignty, transparency and accountability and the question of governance.

According to the People’s Democracy: ‘...the principal issue...the one that is at the root of our problems is that of the system of governance.’ It pointed out in a paid advertisement published in the daily newspapers: ‘We want to fashion a governance system that moves us away from the a system and culture of “maximum leadership” to one of “maximum participation”...Good governance is a necessary precondition to good government which implies that decisions will stand the tests of justice, equity, transparency and accountability. Without good government we will never be able to achieve our aspirations and build a nation in which every citizen can develop to his or her fullest potential.”

The grouping concluded that there is need for a collective effort to engage the communities, ‘both geographical communities and communities of interest in a process of sharing information and experiences; to wit a process of education and raising awareness’. The grouping sees collective action as the way for citizens to express their dissatisfaction with the state of the nation and opposition to policies that affect them adversely.

Based on their analysis People’s Democracy has called for the following actions:

· Red Day (wear something red) on Friday November 20th and Saturday November 21st.

· Mass rally on Sunday 22nd November at Woodford Square beginning at 1:30 PM

· Stay at Home Days on Monday 23rd November and Tuesday 24th November.