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posted 25 Jun 2014, 19:28 by Gerry Kangalee
You can bet all of their anticipated financial windfall, contained in "Pension 34’ that nobody was going to fall asleep on this one. No one was going to repose confidence in the other side to do the right thing. This venal race of representatives, to paraphrase CLR James, was not going to fall asleep on this one and leave it to the upper House to oversee.  

When it come to naked theft remember which political organisation gave us the phrase 'all ah we tie'f. And remember as we say in Trinidad/Tobago, 'when a dog does suck egg it don't ever stop'. Now we can say we have a government of 'national unity'. That is coalition' politics in all yuh pweffen! 

PNM has gotten its wish. We did get an early election since history will record that in June 2014 they elected/voted to join with the Partnership to resume feeding at the financial trough which was so rudely interrupted when Patrick Manning got a brain freeze. Larry Howai, of the FCB $10m severance payout, could cross the floor and nobody would notice. 

And not a squeak from the Farris wheel, which apparently is down and in need of some serious Wd 40. Remember this wheel would spin furiously and blindingly, in colour-keyed raiment, to attack the Cabinet, the Ministers; whomever, whatever at a moment’s notice, whether in the Parliament or in a Porsche Cayenne. Apparently he saw a flashing blue light, caused by clouds of blue notes and lost his mellifluous oratorical talents. Money talks and silences too. 

And what of their former comrades, hobbled by legislation passed by some of these legislators, when representing the workers: the unions' 'taxpayers'. Comrades, let us not forget that very many of the presidents/president generals of unions view their organisations in a similar way. They write their own ticket on the way out the door. 

One incumbent executive leader, who is now cussing out the one he succeeded, acquiesced in giving his former boss a package that included house and new car.. No doubt he saw the precedent as benefiting him when his turn came. Never mind that the membership of this trade union, and of trade unions on the whole has dwindled. 

Yet a particular union came under ridicule and attack for suggesting that the primary responsibility of the movement is to 'ORGANISE THE UN-ORGANISED' 

At the moment it seems that "PENSION 34'' will suffer the same fate as Section 34. Opposition to it is not being led by the JTUM/MSJ coalition but rather by the likes of Martin Daley and Reginald Dumas. The leaders of the JTUM have to tread carefully because of their closeness to the Balisier Red Army. 

It was brought home most forcefully to listeners to a Sunday morning talk show, co-hosted by a former president of a union. This presenter is most vociferous in attacking her former comrades on a range of issues. That morning her co-host, clearly an experienced radio personality, led off with the matter of the Pensions Bill. Clearly he was being a devil’s advocate hoping to draw another loud mouth response. He went on for about 6 minutes with no rebuttal. When he asked her directly for one, the answer was, "Oh what you said, I was not listening. I was just trying to contact our guests to ensure they were arriving still”. 

The new democratic Red Army/Round table coalition will not really go at Pension 34. They have BMW'S IN COMMON!