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posted 27 Apr 2017, 07:38 by Gerry Kangalee
When you elect a government it is with the intent that they represent your interests; that they manage the economy in such a way which will resound positively for the entire population.

They have to deal with the macroeconomic situation which to the average person is just a word. The average citizen awaits the budget presentation listening for only one thing, what prices and taxes are you going to rise? In other words, how much more is it going to cost the average person to run his household?

The announcing of it by government is as important as what is done. Speaking to the population in an uncaring and callous manner does in no way inspire their confidence in you, in your ability to steer the ship forward.

Saying things like "I've raised fuel prices two times and they haven't rioted yet" speaks to your true personality. It says to the man on the street that you don't really care about what they think or how it will affect them. You are in charge and what you say goes.

Image result for property tax trinidadAdded to the already increasing burden on the taxpayer and everyday man, this government is now implementing a Property Tax regimen based upon 3% of the annual rental value of your property. Homeowners for the most part build their homes with modern conveniences for that purpose, their convenience. For you to come and now peer into the lives and homes of people is invasive to say the least and in my view, downright disrespectful.

I have no intention to rent my home. It was built to secure and better the lives of my family.

When you impose a tax on me based upon this formula, what you are saying basically is that I am to be penalised for improving myself.

When you say that the revenue collected will be utilised for the betterment of the communities without first rolling out a plan as to how this is to be done then you are effectively putting the cart before the horse.

This government has shown no ability to dig us out of the hole in which we find ourselves given the fall in revenues due to low energy prices. What they have shown is that they are intent upon placing the burden squarely upon the backs of the citizenry; that their every move is a means of raising revenue in order to fund their recurrent expenditure. Can we then take their word for it that revenues collected through Property Tax will redound to development in the communities; that their intent to better the lives of the population through this tax is real?

I think not!

It is time that we as citizens come together and put down our party cards and flags and unite under a people's banner in order to resist this tax and the others which will surely follow.