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PARTNER OR PUPPY? By Joanne Viechweg

posted 14 Feb 2018, 01:52 by Gerry Kangalee
Image result for marriage proposal silhouetteWe have been thoroughly whitewashed and programmed by the European who was frozen out of his mind. When the ice thawed and he recognized that in another part of the world progress was being made and humans were actually existing happily he HAD to wage vengeful war; at least to deny them their peaceful existence. His mission from that point on was to take as much as he could from those who were spared his torturous ordeal.

The sad thing is, we remain blind to the cleverly masked strategies which continue to imprison our psyche. One such example of the psychological chains that continue to hold us in bondage is wrapped up in the marriage proposal.

I listen to so many of my daughters, sisters and female friends caught up in what they perceive as the ultimate act of romance. You know the one……the one involving the male kneeling before the female in total surrender while asking for her ‘hand’ in marriage.

My sons, brothers and male friends are forced to feign this symbolic act of submission for it is expected and I dare say demanded of them.

My ancestral blood boils at the mere thought of this act. It is such utter folly!

As a strong woman, any man who is brave and adventurous enough to be proposing a life-long liaison with me would at the very least have to match my strength. You are not to be at my feet. I want a partner not a puppy.

This is one of the ways that men and women set themselves up for failed marriages. My brother you know that you are not going to remain submissive during the union so why indulge in ‘let’s pretend’ for the proposal? Also you are setting the scene for your wife to dominate the relationship yet when she embodies that role you bitterly rebel.

This is why statements like, “I is de man in here” are commonly uttered by men who have sacrificed their testosterone for the sake of LOVE only to then find that they have lost the ability to ‘stand’ for anything.

If we care about strengthening the African family we must begin to unravel the ancestral wisdom surrounding institutions such as marriage. Our ancestors viewed marriage as a serious undertaking which involved linkages between families. Not some whimsical fleeting fairy tale without substance.

It is time that we begin to delve into the deeper meanings of the masculine and feminine principles which we embody in our human forms. Through this knowledge we will inevitably begin to recognize what we each mean to the other. Then we can begin to shape new traditions of real value to us and leave the shallow, superficial symbolism behind.

In the meantime, get off your knees………please…