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posted 14 Feb 2014, 05:29 by Gerry Kangalee

Not satisfied with selling out state enterprises and privatizing the economy with PPP policies, the ruling elite is going after the steel pan movement to kill it by introducing a pool party (more Ps) in the Panorama.

This amounts to total disrespect to the pan fraternity. This pool party concept has nothing to do with raising revenue but to kill the festival by appealing to a segment of a degenerate middle class who hate pan. They only love pan around Panorama time and would not invite the pan fraternity to play in their exclusive fetes and in their carnival bands. Their concern is to drink cases of rum, whiskey and vodka on that day and profile their nakedness, debauchery, and licentiousness.  

They are mocking pretenders who want to see the death of Panorama and have it replaced with another Soca Monarch. Pan Trinbago should be ashamed of itself and the entire leadership should resign. Pan men and women should boycott the festival and take the pan back to the streets.  If we continue to sell our souls for Panorama money, this is what we will get from the enemies of the pan movement. It is another attempt of the agents of capital to suppress the working class. 


We have to engage in struggle like the Jamettes who took to the streets to claim their space and engage in their own carnival celebrations.  It was the struggle of the Jamettes that led to the development of calypso and the pan movement. The working class has shaped the culture of the nation. It is we who developed the steel pan. Why are we allowing them to destroy it? Go back to the streets and jam the pan at the junctions.