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posted 26 Oct 2009, 08:50 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 18 Nov 2009, 12:46 ]
Drumit 3

Date:    Saturday, November 28, 2009
Time:    1PM to 6PM
Place:    The Piccadilly Greens, Port of Spain

Voices of the People

· Panit2Planet is a Verbal, Musical and Visual CELEBRATION of the voice of the people of Trinidad and Tobago. We speak with Pan, Rhythm Sections, Drums, Poetry, Art, Rapso and Authentic Voices from La Brea to Laventille. We sing, we speak and we will be heard.

· Panit2Planet Speaks of: attempts to impose toxic industries such as aluminium smelting on the communities of La Brea, Chatham and Union resulting in displacement and destruction of eco-systems,

· Panit2Planet Speaks of: the deplorable corruption, poverty and crime that haunts the streets and tracks of Laventille, San Juan, Arima, Chaguanas San Fernando and so many other areas.

· Panit2Planet Speaks of: the displacement of our farmers, high food prices and our utter dependence on transnational corporations for our access to food.

· Panit2Planet Speaks of: the assault by the state on workers’ rights like the right to assemble, freely associate and to be free from exploitation.

· Panit2Planet Speaks of: our youth and their lack of understanding, opportunity and hope

· Panit2Planet Speaks of: our women and their continued oppression in a male dominated social structure

· Panit2Planet Speaks of: the increasing gap between the rich and the poor. The crippling effects of the global economy that rapes the world’s resources, marginalizes its peoples and enriches transnational corporations.

· Panit2Planet Speaks of: the truth as we see it and our independent efforts and successes in organizing ourselves to address our needs.

· Panit2Planet Speaks of: the fire and the blood to claim our right to live in dignity, peace and love.

The Panit2Planet Idea is a tribute to the planet expressed in the Steel Pan and culture of the People of Trinidad and Tobago. The Pan, our national instrument, came from the use of discarded oil drums to make music. It is the waste of the international oil industry adapted to the musical needs of a vibrant people. That oil drum, which they refused, became the voice of a culture. Like the pan, the discarded and ignored members of the human family, must show the way to human happiness. The people of La Brea and Laventille have also been discarded and are determined to reclaim their voice. They are the stones that were refused by the builder. Panit2Planet is our voice, accentuated by our pan in tribute to our Planet.

Panit2Planet is the people’s reply to the second summit to be held in our country in the same year: the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) which is coming to Trinidad and Tobago at the end of November 2009. CHOGM pretends to be a collection of leaders from 59 countries who come together to improve our planet. It is really a Cabal of Heads of Government and Transnationals.

CHOGM will be bigger than the Summit of the Americas and cost millions more They claim they are coming to discuss “Partnering for a More Equitable and Sustainable Future.” The truth is that this is a partnership between:

· The Queen of England

· 59 presidents and prime ministers,

· Their agents (Non-Government Organizations)

· Their transnational corporate Bosses

These governments rule some of the world’s poorest and most exploited people and they are coming here to plan how to further rape the environment and profit from human suffering. This is yet another Summit where world leaders come to cut deals, sign contracts make plans, figure out how to maintain control of our lives and how to consolidate their power

CHOGM is led by the world’s largest companies. They have set an agenda to make profit. They will be followed by a host of non government organizations who are looking for contracts to carry out CHOGM’S decisions and implement their plans.

They come here on the invitation of the Prime Minister of the Republic. They believe, that the people of T&T have nothing to say, and no one will to speak. They believe that the voice of the people here can be suppressed, the spirit of the people controlled and the needs of the people ignored. They don’t know that the people of T&T plan to stand up and be counted. They don’t know that we come to tell CHOGM “No! Not this time! There will be no more business as usual!”

Around the world, people and their movements stand up to the summits by demonstrating in their thousands. Demonstrations at the G20, the IMF, the World Bank and the Summit of the Americas, have had profound influence on the decisions made by the ‘so called’ leaders of the world.

CHOGM is coming to Trinidad to try and avoid these massive demonstrations of human conscience. They are counting on the people of T&T, to sit still and be quiet. They come here thinking that Trinbagonians don’t know what’s going on. They think that we are ignorant, apathetic and afraid. Panit2PLanet comes to show that the youth, women, workers, business people, artists and artistes of Trinidad and Tobago can not be silenced.

Our interest and our common cause with the people of the world tell us to stand up to protect our lives, preserve our culture, defend our environment and safeguard our resources. We speak with the voices of millions around the world who say that “Enough is Enough!”

Panit2Planet is a celebration of our liberty. Panit2Planet is an expression of our capacity to organize for ourselves and mobilize in our interest. Panit2PLanet is a demonstration of our determination to think for ourselves, speak for ourselves and act for ourselves. Join us at this historic celebration of the human spirit. PANIT2PLANET(Drumit3)!