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PANDEMIC by Rae Samuel

posted 21 Sep 2013, 16:32 by Gerry Kangalee
What does an individual, a team, a federation do when a Ministry forsakes its remit, abandons its portfolio and in turns spreads a pandemic, 'sportpolio'. Lest I be rightfully accused of bias, and for fear of pre-action protocol letters, and given that my organisation in its 2014 budget forecast further 'negative growth", let me quote from Wikipedia. Edward Snowden and Julien Assange have not been writing much lately. Anika Gumbs has though, about who is thought to be beating their wife...jeez! Trees have been cut down for that! 
Poliomyelitis/sportpoliomyelitis is an acute viral infection spread from person to person/minister to accountants, young U15 footballers, sporting federations, hockey players via the faecal-oral route..Wikipedia seems to be saying that if one swallows what is being said by the official/s there is a strong likelihood of infection. Given the volume and virulence of recent oral presentations of the said Minister/Ministry/sporting officials, it is clear to see why the pandemic spread so fast. Hardly a week goes by when there is not some vehement 'oral presentation' 
Wikipedia goes on to suggest that poliomyelitis attacks mostly young children but it seems this mutation, sportpoliomyelitis is a particularly virulent form licking down governing bodies, touring teams and elite sportsmen who have not experienced rebirth in their lives, in line with certain Creeds. In other words there is no immunity that comes with age. 
What are some of the symptoms? Instant 'bruk pocket' as our Jamaican cousins say, inability to travel to international events, sleeping in airports, closure of stadia for the growing and harvesting of watermelons, poor maintenance of our hockey centre, blatant interference in the internal affairs of some associations and abuse at press conferences. Some federations also exhibit symptoms similar to poliomyelitis such as muscle weakness and flaccid spine. No this is not about any ‘go it alone' political partnership partner, 
By George III, this is not a water borne disease since our local swimmers, who are/have been routinely exposed directly to one of the primary hosts continue to emerge 'totally unscathed' as the saying goes/went with Panday. Jump in the water and we okay. 
My suggestion for remedy, as I have intimated to leadership in both football and track and field is to form a centre for disease control by developing a united front of all the infected parties to combat this terror. Communication from the source, especially on dry land, should be labelled: "Very, very, harmful if swallowed!"