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posted 30 Jan 2016, 16:54 by Gerry Kangalee
If what we are reading in the one of the dailies is true then there may be a torn ligament in the Joint of the trade union movement. Ligament is the connective tissue which holds the limbs together and any tear or impact tends to affect mobility. Now these limbs have been affected before by attending political physicians. First it was Dr. K.P. Bissessar who attended to the client in Fyzabad in 2010 leading to the appointments of Errol, David and later on Lambert as interns on her staff. This, in spite of Lambert being an irrevocable fool according to Errol who nevertheless ended up sharing office with him so to speak.

When Dr. Persad was debarred from practising in 2015, regenerative tissue, aka the Hyatt accord, bound the limbs of the joints of the ailing labour movement. It was in fact the same patients who lived to see Dr, Bissessar simply ignore their wishes for better treatment. e.g..no Recognition Board, attempts to limit medication to 5%, failing to follow prescriptions for domestic workers.

But at the moment history, always full of irony, seems about to repeat itself. In spite of a new $15m programme to treat with the Joints, some seem to be calling for the incumbent head physician to be debarred from practice over distribution of benefits.

Intern Lambert of the NATUC joint is calling for the head of newly appointed Dr. Jenny, braids and all. Without going into detail the news report suggests that a contention arose over the appointments at Cipriani Labour College. Why should this cause a fissure and a lesion? One must appreciate that board appointments are part of the palliative and sedative treatment applied to the leadership of certain trade unions to weaken their effectiveness as limbs of the trade union movement.

What is the echo effect of all this 'koochoor'? Immediately affected are interns Ozzie and Ancil who promoted themselves with the JTUM as President and General Secretary. Since the JTUM, unlike NATUC, is not a duly constituted and recognised body, these operatives were administering and prescribing without a license. Something like a local folk medicine doctor whose claim of miracle healing frequently Sayers the airwaves.

One suspects that a lot of calumny will be hurled on the hoary head/skull of former intern Lambert. Since we are speaking of joints, please remember the skull is a fused hemisphere of two bones called a non-moveable joint. In this season of Carnival and stick fighting some of his colleagues must be singing ‘Bois for James' in their hearts.

Could all of this have been avoided? Sure, if rather than looking for snake oil remedies for passing politicians the labour movement had looked within and built up its own strength. But that approach eschews free passes to Geneva and the United Nations and additional monthly stipends from serving on boards and a chance to participate in a $15m closed government lottery.

Meanwhile, outside Parliament on Wrightson Road...