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posted 6 Sep 2012, 11:04 by Gerry Kangalee


“It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities”. Josiah Stamp (1880 - 1941)

We all acknowledge our responsibility to our employers and Banking, Insurance & General Workers’ Union (BIGWU) commends this. In fact, BIGWU wants you to put your best foot forward and work hard. However we must also be conscious we have the same responsibility to ourselves and our future. When it comes to the trade union movement we always seem to think someone else will fight for us and we could sit back and relax. 
This is the biggest misconception and self-deception. We are the union as a collective!! No questions, no ifs and no buts. If we don’t look after our own interest nobody else will. We have been piggy back riding for a long time and we are wearing away the strengths and the fortitude of those who stand in the gap and are in the firing squad’s line of sight. 

We look around to see what each other is doing and we don’t commit to making decisions on our own. We fall in line when Massa say jump but are ready to crucify the one who really is trying to help. It’s easy to cast blame and dodge the responsibility. However, when food prices rise and when Massa whip crack, remember it is our previous actions that led us to this point; we would be reaping what we sow. 
What will it take for us to realize that labour is the most vital resource in an economy and those who wield the power seek to oppress this precious resource for personal gain? If a 10 million dollar platinum hand shake did not wake us up, then we are sleeping like the dead. What is your gratuity package? What does your pension project for your standard of living as a mature individual? Or would you have to apply for the Senior Citizens Grant? 

Let’s initiate the awakening of a consciousness that we the labour force are of value and we should be treated as such. You have to walk to your freedom, you cannot be carried. You’ve be given the tools and all you need complete the journey. 
But it is you who have to keep walking on forward. We will pay a heavy price if we avoid taking an active role in our in our economic and social responsibility as trade union members. Let First Citizens know: “you have done what you want, when you want and why you want, but hell no, it will not be for how long you want.” Let us send a message. Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery!