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posted 21 Feb 2014, 09:29 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 21 Feb 2014, 09:34 ]

Frank Sears
I love the tenor of the article by Robin Ramkissoon in his comment on Ken Howell’s piece. But I need some answers, if only to stimulate clarity of thought and a benchmark for action. In his third to last paragraph Howell made mention of  “…by the best among us to take power …”. What does he mean by the best among us?

What credentials, experience, history, and personal attributes must one possess to be considered the best among us? Is it taken for granted that once a comrade is elevated by his Union’s membership or hand-picked by a colleague, he/she is automatically considered among the best?

Could Brother Ramkissoon elaborate on his statement in paragraph six: “The Labour movement systematically dismantled Trade Union/Working Class education”? His explanation may take up an entire article, but this is important for me and others, I presume, to know.

To both Howell and Ramkissoon: if we arrive at a consensus on who is the “best” would one of their goals and achievements be the building of a “solid labour movement” with a working class identity? And even if or when we arrive at a consensus as to who are the best, how do we set up mechanisms to democratically arrive at workable solutions?

We do have these instruments around, e.g. Cossabo, JTUM, Mass Membership Meetings, etc. but lately they are generally bastardised, brutalized and have become banal affairs not worth the time expended on them.

Finally, the core of Robin’s article for me is in the penultimate paragraph “…but there is no vehicle occupied by any group of labour leaders to create a “mass movement people’s organization …” and the punch line at the end of his dissertation “the present bunch of leading labour leaders dismantled the centre for social transformation”. I personally agree with this view but I am sure it can be considered a contentious statement.

So, dear Editor, could you please, please, entice or encourage Comrades Ken Howell and Robin Ramkissoon to present follow-up articles on my queries. Thanks in advance!

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