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posted 12 Mar 2016, 06:00 by Gerry Kangalee

Even as news broke of Arcelor Mittal’s decision to close the steel plant at Point Lisas following the Steel Workers Union victory in the Industrial court; followed by the Minister of Labour's inept and hollow response (I was taken aback...I would hope for...the necessary benefits...fair play...); against this backdrop, the workers camping outside Construtora OAS’ head offices at Golconda summoned the media as efforts again were being made by contractors to remove equipment from the head office.

Five long bed trucks were parked outside the gates which the workers have been blocking to prevent this action. A local firm, KALLCO, showed up with a "Proof of possession authorisation'' document  with the intention to remove assets from the offices.

The workers claim that this is not a valid document since it is not a court order nor does it bear any stamps of authorisation."All we want is we outstanding money...we have pickney to feed and send to school and we don't want no 2 weeks buyout...we see what happened to the steel workers"