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posted 23 Nov 2012, 08:54 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 23 Nov 2012, 08:57 ]
The National Workers Union (NWU) has sent to the Industrial Relations Advisory Committee (IRAC), for its consideration, a policy paper, prepared by the NWU entitled THE IMPACT OF “ESSENTIAL INDUSTRY CATEGORIES” ON WORKERS RIGHTS.The paper has also been sent to all unions for their information.
The NWU policy paper argues that the restrictions on trade unions' organising rights resulting from Section 38(4) and the First Schedule of the Industrial Relations Act (IRA) Chapter 88:01 dealing with “essential industries” has long been a source of frustration for the trade union movement. The NWU further argues that it contradicts the requirements of ILO Conventions ratified by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.
The paper concludes by making a call for the Repeal of the First Schedule of the IRA thus eliminating any restrictions on the rights of workers to join a trade union of their choice.
The remit of the Industrial Relations Advisory Committee includes “advising the Minister on any matter relating to industrial relations on which the Minister requests advice”.
The IRAC, for which provision is made in the IRA has been dormant for years and was only revived in March 2012 under the Chairmanship of Lennox Marcelle. It includes Orville Carrington of TTUTA and Vincent Cabrera of the BIGWU; Keston Nancoo, Jonathan Walker, Hyacinth Guy and Chrisendath Mahabir; Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh, Dr. Roosevelt Williams, Mr. Maukesh Basdeo and Hazel Elcock-Ifill, Director of Labour Administration.
Gerry Kangalee,
23 Nov 2012, 08:54