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posted 13 Feb 2011, 07:05 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 13 Feb 2011, 07:08 ]

Comrade Dave Smith, General Secretary of the National Workers’ Union (NWU), made a brief intervention in the NATUC-organised COSSABO, held at the headquarters of the Transport and Industrial Workers’ Union on February 12th 2011.

He stated that the struggle against the government’s policy of wage suppression was affecting the balance of class forces in the country and that the labour movement must open up as many fronts as possible so that the struggle could be broadened and not just left to the Public Services Association who has borne the brunt of the struggle so far.

He called for the strengthening of labour unity in collective action against government’s policy and urged the gathered unions to prepare an argument that all workers facing the five percent offer of the government could utilise in convincing the public that the government, contrary to what is being stated, does not suffer from inability to pay the workers.

He called for a schedule of joint-union workplace mobilisation meetings to motivate the members of the unions to support in their large numbers the programme of resistance outlined at the COSSABO.

Comrade Smith ended by urging the union reps gathered at historic TIWU Hall to seriously consider the need for a workers’ party so that workers could break their ties to the bourgeois parties that have been running the government.