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NO TIME FOR SLEEPING by Michael 'Bro Scobie' Joseph.

posted 21 Jun 2017, 03:30 by Gerry Kangalee
Mayday, Mayday, Mayday! SOS, SOS, SOS to our leaders. Where are they? The afro-centric communities are leaderless and without voice. Who is going to fill the void left by leaders of yesteryear? We need you now. Every day mothers bawling, fathers crying, brothers and sisters in grief and a child wondering what is happening? No one to console them and point them in any direction!

The politicians, they are the worst. As a matter of fact, they are the ones who have created the atmosphere of chaos and confusion we find ourselves in today. So, who shall we turn to for salvation? The churches have failed because the preachers keep lying and stealing in the name of the lord. The Police are not in a position to regulate or handle our social issues, they are part of, and belong to, the same damaged social structure.

The solutions are clear, but, we seem too blind to see that we must stop fussing and fighting and killing each other. Why are we doing to ourselves, the same things that those who brought us here did to us. This is a clear case of lack of knowledge of our history, which creates a lack of knowledge of ourselves. Wake-up black man, you sleeping too long! What is the end result of your present action? Where are the long term benefits?

Children growing up angry, with no love in their hearts for a society that they believe, deprived them of the love of one parent or another. But, who cares? Most people busy trying to get rich by any means necessary, to get robbed and or killed by these same angry, disgruntled, neglected youths. Where are our leaders?

This multi ethnic, multi racial society is exactly what it is, every ethnic group is looking out for themselves, and nothing is wrong with that. What is wrong, is the fact that the afro-centric communities are leaderless and without voice. We are still being sold to the highest bidder, depending on our level of education and indoctrination. And so, we contribute to the progress and success of everyone else but ourselves. Where are our leaders?

Bro. Walter Rodney, Makandal Daaga and the many others, who tried to make a difference in their living years, will never rest peacefully in their graves, given our present predicament. We are experiencing a period of genocide in the black communities, where the system is geared towards our demise, and we are in full co-operation, shown by our actions and attitude towards each other.

Where is the love that we once knew? Why the self hate? Why are we not coming together like everyone else and pooling our resources, to build a stronger and better community to the benefit of all. Strength in numbers seems to have no meaning in the black communities? When will the killing stop? Who is benefiting from it? Neither the victims, nor the perpetrators are leaving a legacy that is uplifting, beneficial or progressive.

Black people, please, stop looking in the sky for your salvation and redemption. Open your eyes and look within. Everyone else is relying on their own strengths and abilities to overcome, but you kept looking in the sky for the past five hundred years, to no avail. Let us sit and reason together. This is the only solution to solving all our problems. Stop letting other people lead us astray. There is no time now for sleeping or being wide awake in a dream. 

As bad as it may sound, we are in no position to feed ourselves and protect our families and communities, and that is not good for a people. Are we what they label us to be? NEGROES! This represents NEGATIVE GROWTH. A people whose history only began with slavery? Wake-up and live, or continue to die a slow and painful death, with no honor to you or your people.

I would rest my plea, hoping that our youths will in due course put away the guns for the real war, and come together to build a well organized, well educated, healthy and strong army of people that would move into this century with the power to command the respect of all friends and foes alike. Stop killing each other, we need everyone going forward. Please!