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posted 19 Mar 2019, 06:10 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 19 Mar 2019, 06:12 ]
The trend should be regular shut downs and protests against this uncaring and uncouth government. I think the nation should have had enough by now: job losses upon job losses week after week; mis-speak and double speak regularly as if no one in power is sure exactly what's going on.

Meanwhile, we have a chairman of a state company in total contradiction with what the government's stated position is. What's really going on here? I would love to see some unity in this island for a change. No OWTU, UNC, JTUM, FITUN, PEP, NNP, or whoever else considers themselves as representative of the interests of the people.

It's our division and political bias which has us in this position, yet like a bunch of wimps we continue pointing fingers at each other. The distrust is real; the agenda’s the same though. Everyone wants a taste of power; each group wants to thump their chest. Well, look at where that got the JTUM and especially the OWTU.

Prior to the closure, we saw most trade union leaders coming together to hold a press conference. Whatever became of that? This place is really a joke and in dire need of real leadership, whose only agenda is wresting the country from the hands of those who would destroy it break it up into small pieces, only to be delivered into the hands of their friends and financiers.

Where is the opposition? Are they really interested or even relevant at this point. In my opinion, they are comfortable to sit on the side lines, laughing quietly to themselves, wishing that 2020 would soon come. They will then ride in on a wave of the current government's unpopularity straight into office. With the like of Moneylal and others like him, returning to the seat of power, any right thinking individual would be squirming in their seat

Once again we will be forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. Well, at least as it would appear at that time. It's time to send these two dinosaurs packing. Yet within the society there is no real group coming forward which can pose any real challenge. Are we to wait until another 1986 before we see any real opportunity for change. Even then, it was a coalition which defeated the ruling party.

How did that work out for us? The country was in such a dire position that the then government was forced to take some drastic measures, said measures becoming significantly unpopular with the masses. The coalition lasted as long as a snowball too. A break between the Robinson led faction and the Panday group came pretty quickly - symbolic of the quote that "Two man rat cyah live in one hole".

Nothing short of an island-wide revolution will save us from the inevitable. Revolutions don't necessarily mean violence and bloodshed, yet at this juncture, the attractiveness of such a thing cannot be denied.

Every aspect of our society is crumbling. The working class is being attacked and in so doing, the entire economic fabric of our society is being shredded. Removing jobs without anything with which to replace the economic activity they represent is madness. Who is going to buy, who is going to hire, who is going to build and create? We are already a failed state.

Just look at the recent difference in statements between the Chairman of TPH and the Energy Minister. Look at the statements made by the PM when he said that Petrotrin would not be shut down, only to come right after and do the said thing.

Yet we all sit back quietly when subsidies are removed. We laugh with the Minister of Finance when he says that he raised gas and laughs at the fact that we ent riot yet. We watch on as one man is made Minister of everything, without realising what this means. It means that the PM didn't choose his people properly so he is forced to place the burden of so many different ministries on the backs of one individual.

Or is it that said individual has so much responsibilities because he was put there to carry out a strategic agenda. More and more we are seeing the level of incompetence of this bunch. Yet we sit back and hide behind our coloured flags, party cards and hair differences.

I am totally fed up and so should you be.