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posted 5 Jun 2020, 07:56 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 5 Jun 2020, 08:20 ]
George Jackson
"Settle your quarrels, come together, understand the reality of our situation. Understand that fascism is already here, that people are already dying who could be saved. that generations will die or live poor butchered half-lives if you fail to act. Do what must be done, discover your humanity and your love in revolution. Pass on the torch. Join us. Give up your life for the people."

George Lester Jackson/Soledad Brother/
''Blood in my eye''. San Quentin.1971.

In covering the events that have erupted in the United States following the police homicide of Floyd George, their national media would have us believe that something has gone wrong in America. 

The mantra is "An entirely peaceful march on Monday night was driven out of the city square in front of the White House with tear gas, baton charges and mounted police''. These presenters seem to have conveniently forgotten/overlooked the many incidents like the following which populate American history:

*1932. Bonus Army, 43 000, made up of 17 000 World War 1 veterans and their families, gather in Washington to demand cash payment of their service certificates, promised 8 years earlier. They occupied abandoned, shanties and tents. Chief of Staff General Douglas Mc Arthur, claiming it is a Communist conspiracy orders, the Army into the streets. The Army shot tear gas and torched the camp as veterans fled.

*1965. Bloody Sunday: Dr. Martin Luther King leads a peaceful march to Selma. The demonstration is set upon by state troopers who spat on them, threw tear gas, attack them with bullwhips and billy clubs and over run them with horses.

*1967. Detroit. 9,000 members of US National Guard were deployed by Michigan Governor George Romney, along with 800 Michigan state police to confront Black protesters. On the second day of the riot, President Lyndon Johnson sent U.S. Army troops to the city. 43 died. 7,000 arrested

*1968. Democratic National Convention. In what came to known as a 'police riot' Chicago police set upon anti-war demonstrators protesting U.S involvement in Vietnam. Mayor Daley says that 'no thousands will come to our city and take over our streets.''

So when Donald sounds his Trump-ets en route to the church, clearing a path through all comers, he is upholding some of America's finest traditions.

Does CNN and MSNBC not know of the Bloody Sunday and police riots in Chicago. These corporations spend countless hours and millions if they want to discover something that they deem newsworthy. Watergate. My Lai. Iran Contra scandal. Harvey Weinstein. This coverage and commentary is selective reporting.

Oliver Stone reminds us that Donald Trump does not represent some type of exceptionalism. At home, or worse yet abroad, America has been ''kneeling on the necks'' of countless countries and peoples from its inception. So let us not fool ourselves. The media coverage is part of the continuing effort of the ruling class to distance itself from its employee in the White House. Donald Trump is like an apprentice bartender who has been put in charge of a 5-star resort. Alas elevation, like money, did not change him. 

"Two centuries ago a former European colony took its into its head to catch up with Europe. 

It has been so successful that the United States 
of America has become a monster where all the flaws sickness and inhumanity have reached frightening proportions." 

Franz Fanon: Wretched of the Earth 
Where and how will this low level insurrection end? I would not venture to guess. The detritus of ‘'its blood steeped and urine soaked

1968. Chicago. Convention of Democratic Party
history' as Brother George Jackson called it, they are in the streets from sea to foaming sea. The murder of Floyd George against the backdrop of Covid 19 pandemic precipitating an economic meltdown, has created a perfect storm.

Their upcoming November elections will solve nothing. All this vitriol against Trump is an attempt to offer a sacrifice to save the status quo. Differences of opinion among former and present leaders is a call for tokenism and reform. Which is why ‘Black' Obama, a creature and creation of the said establishment cannot like the odd police chief or former Army officer, come out of sanctum and 'take a knee'

He is being held in reserve for when the ‘Afro-American' natives go back on their reservations, be it Bel Air or Compton. Then he will be sent forward to lead the Democratic Party charge on behalf of Joe Biden. Style may be different, but in essence: Massa Bull! Massa Cow!

What are the lessons for us here in Trinidad and Tobago? We are facing our own perfect storm: an increasingly discredited political system leading to heightened class consciousness; a mono-crop economy in free fall from the effects of the deepening capitalist crisis; the knock on effects on the livelihoods of working people and the poor from Covid 19 where employers have ramped up their attacks on the working class. They sense the weakness and unpreparedness of the union federations and have launched attack after attack at workplaces. {see NWU's Facebook}.

Hovering in the wings is a highly militarised police 'service’. Whatever happens when elections are held will matter none. For what it is worth just look at the farce of screening/nominations in both parties and the tragi-comedy that awaits us is clear. The administration may change, but the regime will stay in place.

As ever, we need to organise, organise, organise, organise. In workplaces, in communities, in people’s organisations of all stripes. As George says Join the struggle and find your humanity!