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NONE FOR TOBAGO by Annie Brebo

posted 18 Aug 2012, 14:55 by Gerry Kangalee

Just read this article True Tale of a Golden Throw. I also appreciate the voice of reason given. I, myself, am one of the Cuban graduates in sports and physical education so I have seen firsthand the kind of talent that comes out of Cuba and the structure despite the limited resources.

I was so proud and excited to see that Keshorn’s coach, apparently the only person to celebrate with him at the time is Cuban. "Imaginate" (as they say).

The sad thing about it in Trinidad and Tobago is that we have not yet developed the kind of sporting culture mindset that other countries, even those with lesser resources, have already done. We like hype, show and everything that goes along with it. The politicians talk about it for a few months; make themselves look good and then make excuses when the job is not done. Ah well! We are a republic after all...anything goes!

But my heartfelt congratulations to Keshorn and Señor Ismael Lopez. I hope he sticks around for a while. Oh by the way: all this "development" and "sporting excellence" that the Ministry wants to achieve (never mind how short term and so forth), to my knowledge, Tobago still has not had the opportunity to learn from these Cuban coaches. They have sent none here (yes I am a Tobagonian and it disappoints me every time).

So then could someone who has any influence with the powers that be PLEASE remind them that the track in Dwight Yorke Stadium is yet to be re-done along with other things after three or four years of begging; seeing that it is the ONLY close to international facility we have here.

After Kelly Ann Baptiste, Rennie Quow, Semoy Hackett, Josanne Lucas AND Lalonde Gordon have had to work their way up training on the grass track of Shaw Park or wherever for years and Tobago has won the National Schools Track and Field Championship for TWENTY years straight, could it be that there are other undiscovered Keshorn Walcotts among us? Just saying...however I still love the red, white and black...