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posted 29 May 2015, 15:58 by Gerry Kangalee
Even as the U.S. sent Prince Ali of client state Jordan swimming behind the FIFA ship that had already sailed, (Michel Platini and Luis Figo jumped overboard a while ago), Austin comes out of prison lamenting the state of a facility which fell under his remit while he was Minister of National Security. Those were the days when he sat among the police rather than prison officers; when he went to police stations to inspect anytime he wished rather than between 6 am and 6 pm on Tuesdays on Thursdays and did not have to sign the copybook saying he was present.

Now let us be clear on why these events are unfolding as they are. Football is growing outside the control of the U.S. and of Europe. It is and will remain the World Game for decades. Key decisions about its major events have already been made. World Cup 2018/2022, the Olympics 2016, the African Cup of Nations are growing in prestige and appeal. They were able to shoe horn Henry Kissinger into I.O.C Lake Placid Winter Olympic scandals, but then how many Third World countries do bobsledding and ice skating at home?

The loss of the bid to host the World Cup set back the promotion of the game in the U.S. at a time when they are seriously trying to promote it at home. Major soccer stars emerge from places like Columbia, Africa and immigrant communities in Holland. There are no major American soccer stars to compare with James Rodriguez or Yaya Toure/Africa. In fact the premier tournament in the U.S.A. is a strange place at the moment. It is either seen as a nursery or a retirement home or a place where brand name teams spend the summer touring and preparing for next season. A World cup or two would have done miracles for their 'home game'.

Losing the bids also put egg on the faces of their top leaders who plugged and campaigned during the bids. Remember it was Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama who came out on their ticket. All they were missing was drones. On the English side it was Prince Harry and King David Beckham. Alas like any good Trini politician Jack took goodies from all sides and voted where he pleased not where he pledged.

If this was really about cleaning up the sport then the authorities would have gone after the executives of the world's cycling federations following the Festina Scandals of 2000 where the systematic use of doping was uncovered. But it was not and Lance Armstrong, cancer survivor, went on to become a national hero. Even when he was found out he was allowed to do an "amen corner'' on Oprah. Of course he now campaigns against doping in sport. Hey somebody, give him Gatlin's cell number!

What interests me is that the neo-colonials among us led by Madame K’s, heir apparent, he of Rottweiler fame, and 'Ah come outa Hyatt jail Austin" reaffirm their faith. You see even as we assert our true independence and prepare to ditch the old fogeys of the Privy Council we will heroically march into the arms of the U.S Justice Department who will restore morality in our public affairs…yeah right!

So this U.S. Tet offensive against FIFA has failed. Africa, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, Central and South America almost certainly backed Blatter. The FIFA machine will hum along; no less corrupt than baseball, basketball or American football. Except that these latter are not in any way going to move beyond their borders in any significant way soon.

Oh Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Hyundai, Budweiser and Adidas are not going anywhere; their new found pious bleatings aside. Let them not renew and they will see how quickly a Chinese or Japanese or Korean company will step in. Capitalism has a morality of its own!

Like a true Miss Universe contestant, the beautiful game will put on her make up and take the stage to dazzle the world...Start the 2015 season please ref..!