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posted 10 Nov 2016, 10:42 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 10 Nov 2016, 11:04 ]

So, Keith is playing good cop' to Colm's bad cop, as if the line that Colm is pushing is his own idea and not government policy. Do we really believe that the policy decision came from the architecture of Colm's fertile economic instincts? Colm reminds me of a former Minister in the Panday administration who could readily be swayed to pave the savannah or bank cheques bearing the PM's wife's name. 

Here is a man who sits in a fancy chair, finds himself at an IMF conference surrounded by powerful officials who 2 years ago would not bother to pronounce his name - Im...berhhh? Impsbert? So, like Patrick before him, he imagines the need to impress his audience of diplomats, financiers and policy decision makers and he finds himself behaving like the Mayor of Point Fortin after his last night in office except he gets his buzz from power and not liquor.

This forces Keithos, as some call him, to play 'good cop. His alter ego, his Kamaluddin Mohammed, offered 'speculative position', made the statement 'in a vacuum.' and made a 'statement not of substance'. What it must have taken for the Prime Minister to not call his Finance Minister an ar...hole on national television. Not for what he said but for speaking so crassly out of turn. He might have some hidden strengths after all to have to defend such a buffoon.

Can he replace him? One doubts it. (G)Rowley does not seem to have won over the Party yet in the way his predecessors did. Why else would he consider bringing back Marlene? Why would he not move the Minister of InSecurity, ardent defender of 'national hero', Inspector Rambo Barbershop, whose actions cost an innocent life and wanton injury? (Nobody wants that post!)

The Prime Minister seems to have been forced to take a page out of General Strike McLeod's book by suggesting that what we heard is not what his Finance Minister said. Long live Errol in/of the PNM 2016!

One can understand Colm's supreme confidence that the working class will not riot. I agree with him wholeheartedly on this one. A riot is a spontaneous disorganised response which is short lived and achieves little. Workers will organise differently...Sorry boss!

Recently one union leader was heard to praise the present Minister of Labour because 'unlike her predecessor she responds to invitations and attends annual conferences, which tell us that Errol did not set the bar anywhere near high.

What's next? Workers have to recognise no great God of Labour will come from the sky and that Minister Imbert merely spoke out of turn and NOT out of text. As sure as night follows day and prices increase, all the conditionalities of the structural adjustment programme are being implemented. Abstaining from or voting in the upcoming local government elections changes little; neither will the tripartite cop out. It merely gives a hand, our own, to tightening the noose around our own neck.

It is back to the basics of organising in the work place and the communities in all types of people's organisations; even as the drums and cuatros of Christmas urge us to forget our troubles and shop and dance.