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NJAC Calls for Removal of UDeCOTT Board

posted 5 Oct 2009, 18:32 by Unknown user   [ updated 6 Oct 2009, 20:42 ]

The National Joint Action Committee (NJAC) is outraged that in the light of the revelations that have come out of the sitings of the Uff Commission of Inquiry into UDeCOTT and the Construction industry, that there has been an agreement between the UDeCOTT attorneys and the Commission's attorneys to stay further proceedings until February 2010.

We note with extreme concern that the proposed resumption will coincide with the height of Carnival celebrations next year.

NJAC is firmly of the view that this delay must not be, because Justice delayed is Justice denied. As such NJAC has decided to immediately embark on a series of People’s Consultations to propose the following:

  • The immediate removal of the present Board of UDeCOTT

  • The seizure of the passports of all Board members

  • The seizure of all documents relevant to the current inquiry

  • The investigation of all possibilities for the immediate resumption of the Inquiry

NJAC has also decided that these consultations will be held in five areas:

  • Port of Spai

  • San Fernando

  • Point Fortin

  • Tobago

  • Chaguanas

All Trade Unions, Civil Society groups, Business Organisations, the Legal Fraternity, Credit Unions, Political Parties and the general public are invited to attend the consultations.

The meetings are carded to begin Wednesday 7th October. The venues and further details will be stated in further announcements.