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posted 13 Dec 2011, 09:34 by Gerry Kangalee
The management of Non Destructive Testers Ltd. has launched a vicious attack against their workers for exercising their legal right to join a trade union of their choice – the National Workers Union (NWU).

When the company got wind that their workers, dissatisfied with their conditions of work, had opted to exercise their right to freedom of association and joined the National Workers Union, they went into panic mode and begun to attack the job security of the workers. 

Imagine in the twenty first century workers are being dismissed, victimised and threatened for exercising their legal rights. 

The extent of the viciousness of these modern day estate owners is laid bare in a letter dated December 12th 2011 written to Ms. Ludmilla Thackoor Adoo, Managing Director of Non Destructive Testers Ltd., by Comrade Frank Sears, President of the NWU. (See letter in attachments at the bottom of the page) 

Non Destructive Testers Ltd. (N.D.T.), owned by the Thackoor family is based at Cipero Road, St John’s Village, east of San Fernando. It provides testing and inspection services to a range of companies in the energy and heavy industrial sectors. 

These services include, among others: boiler and pressure vessels inspection; dye penetrant inspection; hardness testing; heat treatment (pre-heat and post weld); magnetic particle inspection; paint and coating inspection; radiographic inspection; ultrasonic inspection; vacuum testing; quality assurance and quality control. 

Non Destructive Testers was founded in 1985 and according to its website has a customer base of over 200. Some of the companies to which NDT regularly provides services or have provided services include: NGC, Petrotrin, Hydro Agri, T&TEC, Trinmar, Trinidad Cement Ltd., Damus, API, Proman, PCS Nitrogen, British Gas and many others. 

The company boasts on its website that “we are fully aware that the services which we offer depend on the skills of our individual technicians, who are our company's most valuable assets. Skill in non-destructive testing can be acquired only through a combination of thorough training and practical working experience.” 

This company boasts about its inspectors being highly qualified, says its workers are its most valuable assets, yet they have no qualms about terrorising these valuable assets and in some cases getting rid of them. That is the mentality of those who believe that the ideal form of labour is indentureship, that no union can tell them how to run their business, that workers are just another factor of production and not human beings with aspirations, needs and families to see about. 

The National Workers Union will have none of it. Indentureship is over. Workers demand respect. That is why they have joined the union. The battle is well and truly joined. The NWU is committed to organising the unorganised. The Thackoor family must be brought into the twenty first century either willingly or kicking and screaming. 

Those who are angered that Non Destructive Testers are acting in a harsh, oppressive and illegal manner towards their workers may email or phone the company and tell them so.
Their email address is ndt@tstt.net.tt. Their phone numbers are 653 2631 and 652 5089.
Gerry Kangalee,
13 Dec 2011, 09:34