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posted 1 May 2017, 13:13 by Gerry Kangalee
If it is true that nuclear weapons serve as a deterrent to war, few nations on the planet need a nuclear arsenal more than North Korea.

This nation was pounded to smithereens by US bombs in the Korean War in the 1950’s. In the first of the Soviet-US ‘Cold Wars’, the Korean War (1950-1953), 2.5 million persons died, most of them civilians from North and South Korea.

China, at its northern border, a historical invader, is becoming increasingly aggressive in the South China sea. At its southern border, the US has approximately 28,500 troops and a standing army of South Koreans. The US has deployed navy seals and a navy strike (blitz) group to the area; in addition to its continuous massive naval cordoning of the South China sea; its Obama strategic “Pivot to China”.

The historical imperialists, genocidal artists, are bullying North Korea with calculated impunity. Of warheads, the US has 6,800, Russia has 7000, France has 300, the UK has 215, China has 260, India has 110, Pakistan has 140 Israel has 80. These nuclear warheads could be delivered from land, from submarines, from air bombers, from warships.

Has North Korea, this, or any of the last two generations of North Korean leaders, shown a tendency to genocide, imperialism, the decimation of national leaders and their citizens, the support for terrorism, global war? It has practiced war by rhetoric, remonstration, when threatened by the war-games of US, Britain, Russia, China, on its many borders.

The hot gospellers of war in the West, the US and Europe, the media, and the political classes, have vied tooth and nail to demonize the current North Korean leader. If he is a demon, he is not more demonic then they! They want him to change, become like them.

You mean their global banking dictatorship? You mean their exponential mad rush to consumerism? You mean their withering away of organic life on the planet?

You mean, their continual substitution of global trade by global war using their competitive advantage in warmongering? You mean their deadhorse governments who cannot provide genuine sustainability and affordability of basic goods and services for their populations? You mean, their slaughter of twelve million Cold War “Jews” in Latin America, Africa, South East Asia with chemical weapons, bombs and bullets?

North Korea, over the last three generations, has made stunning blunders. When the command economy makes blunders, the results could be disastrous, ruinous. Millions suffer. But few dare to mention that this nation has bounced back. Parts of its social, its cultural life, border on the idyllic, the utopian.

It has been subjected to immense external pressures. Even now, it appears that China has stopped importing North Korean coal, has withheld fuel supplies to this fuel-deficient nation. But it has kept, in its own view, a strong warrior code, a revolutionary ardour. It will hang, swing and die, for its right to exist, its autonomy, its right to self-determination.

On the nuclear field, the chief antagonists have behaved atrociously. They have vied tooth and nail to nuclearize the planet. The leaders of US, Great Britain (and perhaps Stalin) colluded to drop two atomic bombs on a beleaguered Japan in 1945. They have taken the planet to the brink of nuclear war; in Cuba in 1962.

They have built up conventional non-nuclear weapons of mass destruction (MOAB’s). They have judged that nuclear war may be conducted in a limited theatre and constantly carry nuclear weapons on their ships, planes, submarines. They have made many nuclear miscalculations and accidents. They have made nuclear proliferation treaties (NPT) which they have pulled out of, smashed. They are not de-nuclearizing; but they want North Korea to de-nuclearize.

And, in the 1970’s US president Richard Nixon armed Iran when the Shah, the US ally, was in power with non-enriched uranium to assist its nuclear program. And armed and sent Saddam Hussein after the Iranian Revolution in the 1980’s to destroy Iran and its Revolution, leading to a most savage annihilation of millions of soldiers and citizens on both sides. And created a nuclear-armed Israel. They have used their secret services and computer viruses to destroy the nuclear programs of Iran and smaller nation states.

China, Russia, the US, the UK, France, others, want North Korea to disarm its nuclear development program; they are calling for a nuclear-free Korean peninsula; and for non-proliferation. But they are not talking about that which they themselves possess! Or that they themselves are constantly enhancing their nuclear defence and delivery capacity! And that they themselves are testing! They have behaved like punks, and now condemn “punkism” in North Korea. And the Castro-less “Third World” flunkies are following their masters.

The US is playing another sick game; something so sick that it is potentially genocidal. It has sent its THAAD “defence” system to the border of North and South Korea? What is the point? They are giving the people of South Korea a false sense of security.

THAAD is an imperfect system built on the game of probabilities. Its role is to “kill” high altitude ballistic missiles - alleged missiles. But it cannot protect against barrage, multifarious artillery assault. If the US triggers a war, and North Korea responds, this system would be sorely limited; large segments of the military and civilian population would be at risk. There would be mutually assured large-scale destruction of Korean people.