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posted 16 Feb 2013, 11:03 by Gerry Kangalee
crossed the Limpopo valley in Mozambique on a bus recently, on my way back from T&T to my university. The flood scenes were as you have seen on TV: like floods in T&T but on a larger scale.
If I were in that flood I would first get out of the water and dry myself; second, get potable water to drink; third, find food.
Mozambicans have given what they can. But the heavy rains are forecast to continue in much of Mozambique for the next 10 days.
Government agencies are working hard and foreign Red Cross/ Red Crescent Societies are assisting through the Mozambican Red Cross/ Red Crescent with shelter, clothes, water treatment, and food.

I suggest that T&T citizens who want to assist should donate money to the T&T Red Cross/ Red Crescent specifying that the money is for Mozambique flood relief. There doesn't seem much point in collecting clothes and food in T&T for Mozambique as the transport to Mozambique would be a big problem. Myself and Mozambican fellow workers are donating food and clothes as we are right here.