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posted 28 Aug 2015, 21:51 by Gerry Kangalee
Reference is made to a letter in your paper of Monday August 24, by F. Mouttet of Westmoorings.

I am greatly annoyed at Mr. Mouttet describing the country of his birth as “ We have become a Fourth World country masquerading as developed as well as Haiti on steroids” He goes on “Being the first to arrive after the Caribs, the whites continue to be fiercely resilient and proud of their heritage, and in their small way continue to contribute”.

Mr. F. Mouttet either does not know the history of his country or he conveniently chose to forget that his ancestors who were slave owners arrived during the Cedula de población of 1783 and were given free lands by the Spaniards based on the amount of enslaved Africans they brought with them from the French colonial Caribbean Islands. 

It was these enslaved Africans from Haiti, Grenada, Martinique, Guadeloupe, and other islands who developed Trinidad. Mr. Mouttet your ancestors were parasitic and got rich from free labour provided by brutally oppressed Africans. Many of these enslaved Africans were forced into ships by your descendants running from the Slave Rebellion (Haitian Revolution) in Saint Dominigue and forcibly came to Trinidad to slave on the free lands given to your ancestors by the Spanish government. 

So brutal was your French Government that “Haiti is now on steroids” because of the billions of today dollars Haiti had to pay the French for the loss of slave labour and the effects this had on the French economy. Haiti has never recovered up to today as only a few years ago reparations were still being paid by Haiti to France. 

Mr. Mouttet your ancestors became rich from free labour supplied by my ancestors. You can never become poor, so valuable was our free labour which allowed you and your kind to diversify from enslaved labour to other areas of the economy.  You wrote that you the whites are proud of your heritage. Really Mr. Mouttet! You are proud of having enslaved people and brutalised them to provide free labour while up to today their descendants are still scarred by the historical physical and mental torture as well as economically deprived. 

Finally Mr. Mouttet you called your and our country “Fourth World” which betrays your lack of patriotism and disrespect for the great people this country produced in Medicine, Academics, Music, Literature, Sports, Economic Policy and Culture.