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posted 26 Nov 2018, 09:18 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 26 Nov 2018, 09:22 ]
New Acting CEO Michelle Edwards-Benjamin
And the saga continues in Tobago; one of rampant nepotism, absolute corruption in the execution of duties and a ferocious dismantling of the health care system. All of this is being led by one person at the helm, who through political affiliations, operates as though she is accountable to no one and disrespects everyone.

It is very sad that we have reached here… the majority of healthcare workers in Tobago, from across all categories of staff, who feel it necessary to speak, speak of the ills that are taking place at the Scarborough General Hospital and by extension the TRHA.

Allow us to encapsulate what is happening in Tobago. There is someone at the helm who is a mastermind at creating chaos and confusion, crafting an environment that suggests that everyone around her are incompetent fools and with the flick of her wrist and usually well-painted talons dismisses all and everyone around her.

She and she alone is able to manage healthcare and bring some sanity to the chaos (chaos that she herself has created)…I think the word for that is narcissistic

Allow us to highlight some of the mind boggling issues plaguing the TRHA. What has happened to the 12 or so candidates who were interviewed for the position of CEO some time last year? Is it that not one of the 12 was suitable? Are you trying to convince a population that after short listing them, they all of a sudden become unsuitable?

What about the candidate that was selected in late 2016 and who has a very strong position of independence and who would not be a puppet to the one at the helm, where is she? How much was the out of court settlement, all because you can’t work with her. Do you think we deserve this kind of abuse?

Why do you continue to portray yourself as a physician, bullying the staff in the A&E department and wards, instructing them how to care for patients, what protocols to use…Pardon but we forgot you are all competent.

Have you advertised for the contractor to do fencing work in Roxborough? Are you adhering to proper tendering policies? Is the board aware, all members of the board? Is this million dollar fence worth it and if so how has the contractor been selected?

Each day at the TRHA we see new faces popping up and we wonder, are these jobs advertised? Are these actual vacancies? Do we have funds for this recruitment? Have these positions been approved by the executive council of the THA? For some staff at the TRHA it has been 7 years with no gratuity payments but you can recruit people?

So we ask who are the following new recruits – Ayanna Potts (Office of the CEO), Adanna Castellano (HR Consultant), Khadine Williams, Kareem Baynes, Ayana Bocas? Please explain where these people have come from and whose jobs are they taking.

Why is it that all contract renewals must go before the TRHA board of directors with names and family history? Are you and your crew really interested in the well-being of the hard working staff or are you on a mission of ethnic and political cleansing? Why are managers being instructed to alter performance appraisal scores? Why are you presiding over the Chairman of the board telling people they are not qualified for their jobs, after the same TRHA would have interviewed them, recruited them and renewed their contracts for 4 employment periods in some cases? Are these staffs not qualified or are they refusing to commit wrongful acts and as such you are getting rid of them? Is the Chairman not an attorney at law herself, should she not know better? What kind of leadership is this?

You are dismantling the organizational structure of the TRHA, systematically getting rid of all the General Managers; because of course they are not qualified or competent. There is only one GM remaining and that is the GM of Operations. Word has it that as his contract ends next year you will also make this position disappear...to what end? When you leave here how will our health service survive; a system filled with people that you have imported or are you crafting a future that will fail to exist without you and your people? Tobagonians must resist this.

We have never been in such a horrible place; we have no medications, very little food. Doctors don’t even have paper to write patients’ notes on, but you are proud of yourself, using every opportunity to take photos and open services. Trying to mamaguy the population that you are doing such a great job, who assesses your performance...The people?

The staff at the TRHA has never been so demoralized…

Demoralised Health Care Worker