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posted 17 Mar 2016, 05:52 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 17 Mar 2016, 06:15 ]
"You see me..Give me a gun and I will fix all the problem in the world. I will shoot both of them first and then the offspring''

Teacher at Naparima High School

Now if that is not a fearsome level of school violence I do not know what is. This is part of a rant by a teacher NOT in a State run school. I mean this ‘lady' who is receiving the "Sharapova treatment'' in the media has really messed up the curve and thrown reactionaries, falsifiers and cowards in the teacher fraternity into a tailspin. She is not at all being 'denominational and prestigious'. Oh Sat! We may need a panty line assessment here

Students from Laventille, Mucurapo, Chaguanas are supposed to behave like this. After all, they have not experienced the palliative, mellifluous and disciplinary influence of the denominational schools. 

One is amazed that the Regiment, Ministry of Education and Minister of National Security have not visited the school in the face of a direct gun threat. Mr. Devanand Sinanan alerted the police on the basis of a threat which the police have subsequently found to be totally unfounded. His present silence may suggest that some of the egg from Chaguanas may still be on his face. Police patrols were set up in the school and there remains no evidence that the threat was ever credible.

The Children's Protection Authority? Nope, have not heard from them either! What have they said? If children ever needed protection, it is from wilful maniacs fulminating such furies in the name of God.

Reports suggest the audio/video went viral. Viral in this case seems to mean except the Ministry of Education and the Presbyterian Board who have not heard it yet it seems. What a time to not pay your cable bill eh Minister?

A bit of very significant history here: the present Minister has never stood up to any denominational Board and is very unlikely to do so now. In the case of Gregory

Gregory Fernandez
Fernandez of St. Mary's College who, as Staff Representative, led the teachers out of the school to protest a flea infestation. The Minister as President of TTUTA sided with the Catholic Board AGAINST his staff rep. Father Farfan, then Industrial relations officer, claimed his conscience could not let him handle the matter and there were efforts to excuse him. Please note this is an eye/ear witness account.

This brings us to the two "C" words. Concordat first: the teacher and the school in this instance is being protected by the Concordat. The name of the teacher, photos of the teacher, are being withheld by a very protective media. Remember that the children of these media moguls attend these 'prestigious and/or denominational' schools where sicko principals flush children’s heads in toilets but are never prosecuted. We are never told where these parents 'breed these monsters and send them to teach'. 

Second: these schools are run by these powerful denominational Boards which are constituted by the traditional religions. Think of it as interlocking directorates. Denominational schools, religious establishment, powerful local business interests. All a dem is one family! Ah mean Barbara Burke tries/tried her best to jump the fence and crash the party but her sponsors then and now, Bas and Kamla are no longer promoting the fete. Sorry Barbara baby!

Public pressure has forced the reluctant hand of the Ministry and the Board to 'remove' a teacher who should have been handcuffed and arraigned in accordance with existing police practice. Ian Alleyne was humiliated for a lot less. Not that the likes of his rival host could even think of approaching such a school. Like Marlene Mc Donald she is getting all the breaks in the face of hard evidence. The sheer stupidity will prevail for a while as exemplified by the petition allegedly prepared by the students to have the offending/offensive teacher remain in the school. Who really believes that was a student initiative?

Yeah Raymond: you lost your job for a lot less and rightly so. Maybe you could apply to teach in Naparima College.