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MODERN DAY SLAVERY by Michael "Brother Scobie"Joseph

posted 25 Mar 2013, 13:23 by Gerry Kangalee
Please allow me space to express myself on a matter of great national importance.

Having read in the newspapers that a company was taking a Trade Union before the Industrial Court, hoping to find them guilty of an industrial relations offence that could see the Trade Union decertified because the workers walked off the job site, set me thinking.

Are we living in the twenty first century, where all are equal, and all are free? Or is it a fact the working class is being subjected to a higher form of modern day slavery?

What would make management, or the public at large believe that workers who have been  going to work every day in a conducive working environment, would just come in one day and say, we going and strike not with the high cost of living, mountain of bills and hungry mouths to feed. That is not possible. Yet when this happens, workers are labelled irresponsible, and unreasonable, and lazy - the same worker who was very productive yesterday, last week, last month, last year.

Why do the employers see the workers only as a tool of production? The worker is a human being who has challenges to address outside of the work place, and is only using his/her employment status as a means of meeting and satisfying some of these challenges of life. I guess we’re all in the same boat here.

If the working conditions are not up to standard and legal agreements are callously ignored or broken over a period of time, the aggrieved worker reaches a point of frustration that borders on insanity and is now working under duress. Choices are to stay quietly on the job in order to meet one’s commitments, while becoming a danger to self, family and environment, or take the kind of collective industrial action that would clearly inform management that there is a situation that merits urgent attention.

It only says that management is made up of humans who can fall asleep on the job, and the noise out in the field coming from loyal and responsible workers is alerting management to the fact that the pot is burning under their watch so wake up and attend to it urgently, before no one is able to eat the food.

I am quite certain that the industrial court is comprised of persons, with intelligence, who understand that when workers are aggrieved, there is a real cause. I rest my case.

Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win!

Michael L Joseph