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posted 1 Jul 2017, 19:51 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 1 Jul 2017, 19:51 ]
Now, Mr. Bourdain is not innocent in this situation that is garnering the attention of the nation. His airing of his "dinner" with the Sabgas/Abouds (or the combination thereof), was meant to stir sentiments and emotions among Trinbagonians at home and abroad. In my opinion it gave us the opportunity to look inside ourselves even from the insides.

I'll tell you what my issue is, apart from the fact that the family in the documentary figuratively hawked a big fat lump and spat on us, even apart from the perfunctory and patronizing apology. I have taken issue with a perceived truth that the smallest and most powerful ethnic group in Trinidad and Tobago are "protected" by the middle-class, who in turn have accepted that this is their role.

Some people who have taken to Facebook and given their opinions stating that "dey right" and "dey have nothing to apologize for", have missed the boat (the same boat that my African foreparents could not miss/avoid). It is true that their wealth has made them the most powerful, but how have they repaid the same middle-class "buffer"? By calling them "house niggers"; regardless of ethnicity!

Notice I refer to the middle-class as if I am not one of them? That is because I am not middle-class I am of the working-class. I am in the middle-income bracket of the working-class. The difference? I do not call my own hours of work, I do not have employees to pay, I do not have the luxury to apply for overdraft facilities at any financial institution and my net worth is dependent on my paycheck.

Many people believe that the middle-class are those who pay a lot of tax with little representation. That definition is for middle-income earners. Yes the middle-class do pay a lot of tax with little representation also, but when a middle-income earner runs low on funds, he has no other facility than his Credit Union savings or paycheck to rely on.

Those of us who like to adopt incorrect labels of ourselves are merely results of a malaise in psychology that spans centuries. The "power" the Sabgas/Abouds wield is no different than that of the drug dealers all over this country (from low places to high) and the "protection" that they receive comes from the same place. That is a truth that needs to be examined if we are to change Trinidad and Tobago for the better.