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posted 26 Dec 2013, 18:14 by Gerry Kangalee
Have you ever wondered how close a call this Christmas "thing' is? What if, instead of going to the manger, Joseph had gone to Palestine General, the then Roman equivalent of Mount Hope? Mary or Jesus would probably have died. 

If Mary had passed away someone else would have had to raise Jesus and he would probably have not ended up a gang leader, hunted and executed by the State. There was no Pratt and Morgan then. I wonder if there was one how long his case would have taken to be heard. 'Archie hold 'im up…Archie hold 'im up'. Remember that old calypso? 
If J.C. had died…well…. everybody from Courts to Bhagwansingh Hardware to Standards to the Pope would have been at a real loss. Hallmark too. Alas there would have been no soca parang or Holly Betaudier. 
I find it fascinating that Joseph would find himself in the middle of the desert, in the middle of the night, on Christmas Eve with his young pregnant wife about to deliver their first born.

Was he searching for the equivalent of Westshore Medical or St. Clair Hospital since he clearly had no faith in the services provided by the then Minister of Health? We know he was not thinking "Obamacare'', for up to now, two thousand and thirteen years later that cannot get off the ground. 
The story did have a happy ending however. He found a manger where the animals were and where the droppings/manure gave off a fair amount of heat. If you get enough of course you can build a bomb like Timothy McVeigh did. But that was the last thing on Joseph's mind.

He found his wife a warm, dry place in time and she gave him the world's first Christmas present. I do not know if they had children after that but one feels they would have been pretty much born at home. No way was the "Mother of God" going through that again! Mary's Christmas became a lot less traumatic then 

I have always maintained, though, that there are many young men in the East /West corridor who are 'virtual Christians', living the same life J.C. did back then.

They dispute their parentage, do not pay sufficient attention in school, get into trouble with the authorities, remain unemployed for long periods, grow long hair, form or join gangs, become wanted by the State, are snitched on by one of their own, suffer police brutality and in the end die at the hands of the State.

Then we suddenly discover what good children they were. Worse still, they cannot even become carpenters because most of the Youth Camps have been closed down