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posted 8 Jun 2011, 09:59 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 8 Jun 2011, 12:16 ]


by Rae Samuel


Prior to the last general elections, I recall some of us imagining the former Prime Minister's response to an electoral defeat. We created several scenarios. One was he would demand a recount every day for the next five years.

Or he would stand outside a polling station on Rushworth Street encouraging people to vote P.N.M. long after the results were officially announced, causing school children to ask, on arriving home. "Mammy, who is that mister does be dress up outside de school talking to himself?” After all, not many politicians call snap elections twice and get snapped each time.

Time passed and we found out how wrong we were and how misplaced our cynicism and satirical intent were. Yep, we were so wrong and so far off the mark. Mr. Manning outstripped our most fertile imaginations and hit the road, literally, with his faithful wife and followers in tow.

Now there is much to be admired here if we knew of the intended outcomes. To set off along the nation's highways in this demonic heat with a recently re-adjusted heart and dodgy eyesight, one must be serving a higher god or purpose. St. Paul was struck blind on the road to Damascus, but there were no big trucks and road repairs going on in those days and his eyes were okay. I don't think he had an entourage so this is not a religious march, as far as we can tell

Exercise? Okay, at least no police officer will lose his job. But what about the Mannie Ramjohn Stadium or Skinner Park. Much safer and less dusty…?

No, no, there is something of a higher order, more noble purpose going on here. Something we mere mortals cannot be privy to unless revealed by the right source. Will he, a la Ras Shorty, sing "Watch out my voters"? at the end? Will he do ads for Blue Waters? Will he become a spokesperson for NIKE. (Bolt has sewn up Puma already). I don't know how this seismic million (?) march will end, but like many others I would like to there when all is revealed outside his legendary barbershop.