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posted 5 Oct 2014, 20:47 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 5 Oct 2014, 20:52 ]
The National Workers Union will be marking its tenth 'against all odds' anniversary on October 18th with a function at the NALIS. On that occasion we will recognise the contributions of persons well known in building and sustaining the workers movement. 

We have also been documenting in video the lives and stories of several comrades whose work is significant but who are not seen or known as 'headliners ' outside the movement As Errol McLeod said to this writer in an earlier incarnation, the labour movement is not a place to build your ego and these comrades were not about such. (No, I am not "Lion the Liar', this was McLeod’s first interview as President General OWTU. He was acting for George Weekes who had retired. OWTU will not accept blame for what was to come later). 

But griots from Chairman Mao to Kwame Ture to Amilcar Cabral have taught us that all phenomena have a dual nature and our struggle is to develop the forces of progress as best we can, in the context of our life time as Amilcar used to say. Others, of course, have struggled heroically to halt our forward march and mire us in backwardness, re-action, corruption, nepotism, big payoffs to their 'in-laws' and election run-offs. 
This is my nomination list in recognition of those who even now are shovelling loads of bull/gobar upon us in the name of news, election campaigning and a la Vice Principal of Princes Town Secondary school, higher education.
The struggle for pole position in this "bull derby' is keen. When you read my submission list you will see I have nominated some seasoned campaigners who have been 'baffling us with their gobar since they cannot dazzle us with their brilliance. My list is of recent vintage but do not feel so constrained. The number sequence is numerical not meritorious.  

#1. The Police Information Service: My star, aka Pastor Wayne, would have us believe that assassins would execute 3/5 men within earshot/gunshot of a police station and then walk across the street to shoot up said police station. 

According to media reports the police officers in the station found themselves ducking and diving for cover during the barrage, while wanted posters, police whistles, designer shades, summons and missing station diaries flew across the room. Has anybody seen photographic evidence of this 'brazen assault’? How could they miss the facade of a two storey building? Oh they were firing warning shots up in the air! And the police, in fear for their lives under this murderous assault, did not return fire so that the buildings opposite would be pocked marked and pitted with bullet holes.  

Oh they too were shooting in the air! They were listening to Father Clyde Harvey's presentation at the opening of the Law Term and did not want to 'tote anymore ghosts'. This P.R department is in pole position for an award. They edged out the Police Association representative who claimed that five days after the shooting the leader of the Opposition visited Desperlie Crescent and contaminated the crime scene. The Police Service seems full of likely acting Commissioners, don't you think?  

#2. Acting/Active Prime Minister Errol McLeod: a furore has erupted over a unilateral decision to buy out the leave of a senior police officer, Wayne Dick for .5m dollars. Yep, I thought the same thing: .5m dollars for a Dick. The guy must be somebody or something special. Turns out that that the other actor, Commissioner of Police Williams, was not informed although "Chocolate Soldier' Gary said he was. When will these soldiers/police (solice/poldiers) learn to listen to their 'Commander in Armoured' cars? If he said you were told, you were told. You did not hear? 
What that has to do with it? Errol himself once told the media what they heard from him in a live press conference what was not what he said. No wonder they do not want to make you permanent, sir, unless you do an Eric Williams and get ‘hearing aid'. Fingers are pointing in the direction of the former OWTU President General as the man who put all this in motion while in his temporary post- Acting Honourable Prime Minister for the Life of the UNC/People's Partnership Government.  

The story continues that there is some kind of 'pumpkin vine' connection running through this story. If any or all of this is true, those of us heavily influenced by the OWTU experience would not be surprised. When he left the Union he was well rewarded; maybe he sees no problem spending that kind of money on a Dick. Spending tax payers money on a Dick is a load of bull! 
#3. Ian Alleyne: As if Trinidad and Tobago's roads were not hazardous enough, we now seem faced with another threat a species of low flying corbeaux doing highway patrols. Recently, we were treated to the abuse of a live broadcast of an accident victim, still strapped in his seat and clearly in a state of blood soaked shock. Information on the identity of a fatality was also broadcast. This is done by the police in accordance with certain protocols. Most carnivores at least wait until the creature/prey is truly carrion. They hover but do not pounce until life has left the body. We guess when you are trying to top your last load (live broadcast of a sexual assault) and you are chasing ratings, no holds are barred as you race to download. That is performance? What is in store next? Live broadcast of an autopsy? 

#4. Principal Ramdath: A Vice principal of a school goes on national media to state that his school is a 'breeding ground for criminals'. The sheer stupidity of the statement and the mind boggling admission that you have failed as an administrator almost defies comment. Whose school was/it? You failed to prevent it happening. If you saw this coming what did you do to deter it? Does one weed a ganja field make?  

About ten years ago, a crazed young man invaded the International School in Westmoorings, shot the security guard and was himself shot dead. The school has not turned out a posse of assassins and operates most tranquilly today. I guess they are still in business because you were not the Principal or Vice Principal. Of course you have put in for a transfer since you have managed to turn the school into a 'breeding ground for criminals' and want to go and do it in another school. After all fish rots from the head and' a house leaks from the roof' and breeding starts with the male sperm.  

I am actively campaigning for an annual "Load of Bull’’ recognition award ceremony. Winners, henceforth and thenceforth known as "Bullsh.......ers'' will be honoured at the Ministry of Labour towers in recognition of one individual who truly inspired the event. They will receive a plaque bearing their name and a citation indicating what they have done as proof that they are were and remain full of …Gobar! 

Please send in your nominations ASAP to kangaz@workersunion.org.tt