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LISTEN TO WHOM? by Peter Garvey

posted 4 Oct 2017, 20:31 by Gerry Kangalee
Referring to a letter from Ronald Huggins, St Joseph, published in the Guardian Newspaper on 4/10/2017 entitled "Budget shows Government has listened", I have to ask "To whom"?

The burden of increased taxes will not be "shared by all" as Mr. Huggins suggests. The burden will be borne by the growing number of disenfranchised citizens and the always heavily taxed middle income earner.

Big business in monopolized sectors such as food and beverage who can easily absorb increased taxes without inflating their prices, normally use the excuse of an increase in tax, to hyperinflate their prices. The irony is, as The Minister of Finance once said "we ain't riot yet" in the trend of economic degeneration.

Casino owners are already trying to use workers to leverage the Government so as not to pay new taxes from January 2018. Some are threatening to close their operations, while some are prepared to do so immediately. The Union that is supposed to advocate for the workers, have not trained their guns on the wickedness of the employers in an industry that always thrives during hard economic times, have chosen to chastise the Government for trying to collect revenue from this industry. 

If the Government had "listened" it would have known that this posturing would have been inevitable and would have engaged in consultation with all stakeholders in all sectors so as to find alternative solutions that the majority could live with.

Those consultations must start and end with the communities that find themselves in the middle of a rising crime and rising unemployment epidemic of our nation. We must employ the input from this non-traditional consultative base rather than just pander to egoistic labour leaders and greedy businessmen.

It is only then "the people" will truly access that power that they have never wielded but is enshrined in our Constitution. It is only then the Government would have truly "listened".