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LISTEN BANDITS...! by Tony Bedassie

posted 18 Aug 2018, 20:57 by Gerry Kangalee
Tony Bedassie works at Petrotrin?Trinmar
I have gotten the most disturbing news about a fellow Petrrotrin worker and his family being beaten up and robbed at their home. The bandits reportedly quoted the imaginary $45 000 salary we supposedly earn as justification in demanding that he hand over his bank card and PIN number.

While I've been living in fear for quite some time now, right about now I'm terrified. If this is true, then we as Petrotrin workers all have had a bullseye stamped on our backs. Shoo, go away bandits. I am sorry, I don't earn $45 000 a month. I live like most, paycheck to paycheck. The only money I have in the bank on a weekly basis is the little I remain with after all my deductions and bill payments.

I strongly suspect that to them though, it won't matter. Mr. Spin It has declared me a rich man. Ah: if only I were. I'm just a working stiff, earning a living wage but nothing more. Listen bandits, if I'm earning this kind of money as a lowly grease monkey, then think about what the people in high positions who are feeding you this misinformation, are earning.

Come on guys; please shift your attention away from me. It's a lie made up by people with an agenda to turn public opinion against me and others in order to justify their intention of selling out our assets to their friends and financiers.

It is possible that some of them own businesses which sell security cameras and so on. Nevertheless, go to the Credit Union and Bank and borrow a lil change and invest in a system. I know most of you, like me, can't afford to buy it cash, what with mortgage payments, school fees and all the other people we owing money.

Now I'm not known to be a praying man but today I think I'll make a concerted effort to re-establish contact with my maker yes. I will plead with him for protection, not just for me, but for all of us who have now been made targets by the callous statements made by these people.

Fellow workers, hide your identities. Hang your overalls inside to dry. Don't put it out where it can be seen. Try to change your clothes at the job site so that you come out in your normal wear, jeans etc. Do not assist the criminal elements any more than they've already been empowered by these people.

You have a responsibility to protect yourselves and your families. Get dogs; apply to the state for licensed firearms because when those fellas come for you, saying that you don't have money, just won't cut it.

Just look at the videos of crime which we are being inundated with on a daily basis. The shit is real. The enemy is no longer at our doorsteps but are actually inside our homes.

Be Vigilant my friends. Your lives depend on it.