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posted 22 Apr 2014, 13:09 by Gerry Kangalee
If this keeps up; if we do make it to 2015 politically intact, electors will probably have to hold their noses to go and vote. The middle class parties are showing that they are populated with venal, unethical, grasping and power hungry leaders who sense that the UNC shark is mortally wounded and are fiercely lining up for the kill. 

None is able to deliver the 'coup de grace' but each wants to be the first in line to take over, as the Partners'
ship, heavily listing in extremely rough political seas, heads for the deep. Will the “newcomers” seek to right the ship and steer a new course? Is the West Indies cricket team the best in any form of cricket? Do talk show hosts on radio and television raise the level of debate in Trinbago?

The PNM is showing clearly that it is a cult. Somebody came up with the idea of openness, transparency and democracy and forgot to tell the leaders of the 'cabals' not in power in the organisation, that it was a public relations scam, a trick to get people to believe that not only Patrick but also Rowley was 'born again' politically speaking; much like the churchgoer who takes communion, but stops for a couple beers on the way home.

Now history tells us that in the 'great and prevailing' Party of doctor politics, these concepts have never been allowed to take root and become purified. When a Party group nominates/nominated someone to contest a seat, a higher democracy, the Political leader, has/had the final say. PNM to their ''credit'' gave us "Who don't like it could get to hell outta here''..."When I talk no damn dog bark'' and ''PNM could put a crapaud up for election and all yuh go vote for it". That is democracy in yuh PNM pweffen!

What is most interesting about this is how the myth of PNM being a well organised, disciplined and well behaved group has been dispelled. The Penny cabal and the Rowley cabal are dukeing it out with all the 'morality of its own'' Comrade Bitter so often speaks about. Bogus membership, oversubscribed voters list, threats of legal action: has PNM moved to Rienzi Complex?

Now there are two other political entities led by invertebrates in the mix, who continue to defy all biological explanation since invertebrates are not supposed to be able to walk upright. One never left the political domicile regardless of what was done to it. It goes through the ritual of independent activity, imagining that at the end of the day it is a pillar in the house that Jack built. But give them some credit."Whey he tie, he graze' the old saying goes, so they stay where they are and continue to 'eat ah food'...in the dog house.

Now the latest reports reaching us suggest that the House of David, in Easter time too, is following anybody and anything opposed to the incumbent. There is not a place/event/meeting this former partner cannot be found or seen; even with class enemies around Tables or former sworn political foes, in a bid to Ramjack their former political spouse.

Where does this leave the workers? Workers have still to build their own political organisations. The founding fathers of the movement understood that way back in early 1900's and it is a truism today? Who will build it; where will the leadership come from? From where authentic working class leaders must always come from: within our own ranks.

History tells us that every time a ‘labour leader' assumes bourgeois political office, whether it be Prime Minister or Minister of Labour, we end up with a Clico/First Citizens/Piarco Airport financial scandal. Politics is defined by how we live, not how we vote every five years. Let's start in the workplaces and communities!