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posted 13 Dec 2017, 02:01 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 13 Dec 2017, 05:03 ]
We are moving swiftly to the end of 2017. A number of people will be engaged in making their New Year’s resolutions. Even though many of these resolutions are short lived there still remains a general recognition that the beginning of a new cycle brings with it new patterns of vibration which could be utilized to generate change. 

Our country is now in a highly volatile state. This is further being fuelled in part by the media, the politicians and the trade unions each with their own agenda and none with the interest of the people placed to the fore. Citizens are on high alert; in panic mode almost. Some have drastically changed their daily routines which now reflect the level of insecurity they feel in their communities.

It is easy to get pulled into negative flows of energy and to become frozen in fear. Frozen in patterns of thinking that keep us stagnated, our creativity obscured and therefore lacking the ability to change or grow. 

If we are to bring any level of stability back to this land we have to grow as a people. Of necessity we must cure ourselves of the Saviour Syndrome by bringing to our conscious awareness the reality that each of us must shoulder some responsibility if the change we keep speaking of is to become manifest. 

Contrary to the beliefs of many my understanding is that there are several ‘I’s in team. It is when those ‘I’s become blurred or blinded that the team stumbles. 

I am saying all this simply to further state that a serious responsibility faces us as we advance into this new cycle. The challenge now is to begin to develop the ’I’ (eye) so that we the team, the country could eventually move forward on a stronger more cohesive footing. 

This is a very opportune time for personal and spiritual development. We have got to let go of the Massa Training though. Let us meditate some more. Let us seek to come into a greater understanding of who we really are and the unique gifts that we possess which can heal and bless our country and the planet by extension. The degree to which we develop ourselves and our understanding of ’self’ is the degree to which we shall see changes in the social order. 

When we begin to operate at that level there will be no need to speak of building more walls or higher walls on the Beetham for example. We will be able to clearly comprehend that we are the impenetrable force that debar and isolate those whom we assess as being less than we. 

Instead of walls we will begin to build bridges. Like our great ancestors we will once again learn to attach value to each soul rather than solely to ascribe value to material possessions.
These are just a few considerations it would do us well to bear in mind as we decide on an approach the upcoming cycle. Ultimately the choice is an individual one.