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posted 9 Apr 2015, 20:11 by Gerry Kangalee
United States Under Secretary of State Roberta Jacobson said recently that she feels disappointed by the large Latin American rejection of the sanctions imposed by the US against Venezuela and said that such sanctions sought not harm the Venezuelan people and the entire government of Caracas.

She admitted that the matter evokes historical differences between her country and Latin America, which she declined to specify, but it is an unambiguous reference to the traditional policy of Washington against the rest of the continent: its support and promotion of reprehensible dictatorships, military invasions of sovereign nations, inveterate plundering of natural resources and constant interference in the internal affairs of countries of the subcontinent; the latest chapter is precisely the set of statements and hostile measures of the White House to Caracas.

As you may recall, last March 9 President Barack Obama called the South American country an extraordinary and unusual threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.

He ordered a blockade of Venezuelan accounts and banned from entering US territory seven officials of the Nicolás Maduro government. In response to such nonsense either because there is no concrete facts that the Government of Caracas somehow could threaten the security of the superpower, individual governments and regional bodies such as the Union of South American Nations (Unasur), the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) criticized the actions of Washington and called on Obama to repeal them.

If the State Department’s Roberta Jacobson, can call herself surprised at the strength and unanimity of the Latin American response, this can only be explained by the neglect of US diplomacy towards the region in the last two decades.

Indeed, until late last century such a reaction would have been unthinkable, but from then until today processes have developed in the southern portion of the continent that vindicate national sovereignty and regional integration and have transformed paradigms.

Latin American governments which have turned their back on these processes such as those in: Mexico, Colombia and Peru, instead, have persisted in maintaining the traditional political, economic and diplomatic subordination to the power of the North.

Now Washington meets previously unthinkable continental realities that make an attempt to isolate one of their peer countries to subdue it through financial and even military means, or by the active support to internal sedition, as US has been doing increasingly in Latin America with governments that stand for sovereignty and social transformation.

The US effort against Venezuela is even more bizarre, If you consider that the White House has just taken concrete steps towards détente with Cuba, on which for half a century it has maintained an implacable economic blockade, a policy of constant harassment, and even an active support to terrorist groups of anti-Castro exiles.

Regardless of the posture adopted about the tense political situation in Venezuela, no government in Latin America can, without blushing, agree with the nonsense expressed a month ago by Obama, among other reasons, because it is clear that things are exactly the opposite: it is Washington that threatens the national security of Venezuela, and its active belligerence of supporting Maduro`s opponents is a clear example of this.