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Kudos for Roget

posted 26 Oct 2009, 08:44 by Gerry Kangalee
Gerry Kangalee
Kudos must be given to the President General of the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union, Comrade Ancel Roget for keeping the focus on the brutal treatment of Chinese migrant workers in Trinidad and Tobago. His quick response to the cry for help from the workers was exemplary and bodes well for tackling the tremendous problems the trade unions are faced with if they are to survive the upcoming period in good order.

There have been calls for investigations and enquiries into the condition of the Chinese migrant workers who, in large part, are in the construction sector and engaged on government projects, managed by UDECOTT. It is inconceivable that the Minister Against Labour and his boss and cabinet colleagues were innocently unaware of the sub-human conditions under which these workers toiled.

Expect no mea culpas from the naked emperor and his court. Expect instead a whole lot of spin and games playing while they hope the harbar will blow over and be soon forgotten in the fog of the upcoming parang and carnival seasons.

So, while the cries for amelioration of the conditions of the workers must intensify – after all while the grass is growing the horse is starving – the Chinese firms who bring the workers here will lose their cost advantage if they treat their wage slaves as anything but slaves.

Sending back the "troublemakers" to China is not going to solve the problem; feeding the workers proper food, while it deserves applause, is not going to solve the problem. The real focus should be to force the Manning regime to shift its policy away from the UDECOTT-controlled, corruption-generating tall buildings in town approach to development which has as its foundation the use of super-exploited migrant labour.

It is no use saying: well we live in a globalised world and the deployment of super-exploited migrant labour is part and parcel of that globalisation. We must recognise globalisation as a fancy word for modern imperialism; we must not shame our ancestors by turning a blind eye to the modern day indentureship it generates and we must not be afraid to look the naked emperor in the eye and say: you are an integral part of that system and must be swept away along with it!.