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posted 2 Feb 2015, 18:35 by Gerry Kangalee
I am making the following statement fearless of police investigation, loss of Ministerial office, cut in pay from our media department, loss of parking privileges, or complimentaries to Soca Monarch.

The Prime Minister has addressed the nation re the imbroglio in Cabinet centred on allegations of witness tampering and efforts to pervert the course of “justice”. How do you pervert a chimera, a myth, a fallacy is beyond explanation. Ask any worker who has to prove he or she is a “member in good standing'' so they could get their day in the Industrial Court.

When are we going to ask police complainants to prove they are really law enforcement officials? Anyway even as the media coverage of the event signs off the reporters are still trying to find the Prime Minister.

"My witness statement'': I swear before God and the MSJ that the Prime Minister is on the phone to "Big Phil Scolari'' former Brazilian national coach in the 2014 World Cup. But for his nationality he surely would have received a Cabinet post.

Remember versus Germany, Brazil was 7 goals down with some 35 minutes left to play. Phil chopped changed and reshuffled but it changed nothing. Old warhorse Fred was brought in and David Silva thrown forward to earn the accolade of being booed by his own home crowd. Some people are questioning her new team. Like Phil she has a collection of Freds to choose from.

A word on a practice I have noted and criticised consistently. A good sportsman does not automatically make a good administrator or leader. Pele never captained Brazil. Lara was a disaster as a captain. Yet Brent Sancho is plucked out of thin air or midfield or from SIS to become Minister of Sport.

No, no; I would immediately like to make another witness statement here. This is not envy on my part for being overlooked for Cabinet posts, per diems or foreign media junkets. The envelopes I am given usually have stamps on them and are sealed. Such is the generosity of my 'line Minister'.

Of course the political game will be blown off very soon, mercifully for this "Worst Cup'' eleven? I do not know how many are in the Cabinet turned closet now. Its doors and hinges have certainly fallen off. Hey did you all see Vasant? His face looked like a tyre in need of a dozen recaps.

I was thinking of going to Police headquarters to seek an interview although it seems even they do not want to call me. So if all yuh doh see me in print for a while I did not resign…am in Brazil tracking the P.M

Yours in justice.
"I is Comrade Samuel”