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posted 4 Feb 2015, 06:58 by Gerry Kangalee

Those of us who know how animals are fed on a farm will remember that the centerpiece is the trough. Food by the bucketful is emptied in the middle part of the trough and the pigs will grunt and snort, using their size to put their snout into the largesse. If you pay attention one will notice that the skin and rejected parts end up at the end of the trough. If any discards fall to the ground the chickens will clamber over each other to get enough to survive.

When a political party wins an election in our neck of the woods they know they have earned the right to automatically position themselves at the centre of the trough. History shows us that within two to three years the norm is to establish an enterprise that enables the goodies to flow.

Here are some examples: a Toco retreat and resort beach front; a restaurant in the St Ann’s area; or it could be as subtle as letting your husband be the receiver of some juicy contracts; or it could be as bold-face as when a senior parliamentarian considered people rats for objecting to a substantial pay and pension increase; and the feeding goes on.

It gravitates to a city councilor becoming very indignant and making a public hue and cry about not getting the perks others received. No wonder there was venom and malevolence aplenty towards Patrick Manning when he called an early election and lost the ability to continue feeding at the trough.

So what is this present imbroglio really about? Its rationale is simply damage control; hoping that the people will accept that the Prime Minister is strong, courageous and looking after the public’s interest. They are all trying to score points against each other. Present yourself as lily-white, god-sent Samaritans while all others are anti-people, corrupt and incompetent.

One side trying to force a new mandate and the other stalling for time to dazzle the population with smoke and mirrors and we, the chickens or sheep, must accept the crumbs. This situation has to end but the present crop of governors is in a feeding frenzy. They don’t realize that inequality stalks the land and it is this growing inequality which will finally change our society.