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IT CANNOT WORK FOR US! by Michael "Bro. Scobie" Joseph

posted 15 Jul 2017, 06:19 by Gerry Kangalee
I have listened to and observed, over the years, the many people in this so-called Republic of Trinidad and Tobago analyzing the system and trying to figure out what is wrong with it? To me this question is so comical. It’s almost bordering on contempt. Most of the questions are coming from people who claim to be highly educated; high up on the intellectual totem pole pretending to be agonizing over our catastrophic societal situation and who are seriously seeking for solutions to address this systematic elusive puzzle to which most of them contributed. But I know we are tolerating too many game players and political carpetbaggers.

This system is not a puzzle, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to find the answers to all the questions that are engaging the minds of many. We have inherited a most corrupt colonial system from the British Empire; one that was always stacked against us, coming out of Slavery. We took it lock stock and barrel and are hell bent on making it work for us. Is there any method to this madness?

Since gaining self rule (independence), this system has failed my parents who spent their living years trying to understand it, and how to work with it, but to no avail: hence, the reason for the 1970 uprising by their off spring, which was crushed by the agents of colonialism amongst us.

It has not worked for our generation and our offspring of the post independence era: hence the reason for the overcrowding of the jails and for old, young and innocent blood flowing in our streets. We look on helplessly as our grandchildren take their places in the line of victimhood, with no greater expectation than those before. Where have we reached as a nation?

All because we are too spineless in the face of our failed colonial realities, we must now live in fear of a generation that will have theirs: by any means necessary. They cannot be blamed, for it is we who failed to confront the new pirates head-on, so that generations to come would have a better future and enjoy a more fulfilling life style from the sacrifices made through blood sweat and tears by generations before. They will never be able to, once we keep on burying our heads in the sand and displaying our learnt ignorance of the fact that these youths today want to enjoy their ancestors back pay.

What makes us believe that this system could be made any better? I would really like all these technocrats, economists and social scientists to prove me wrong. To bring about a change of attitude in the people that would rebound to building a fair and just society, we must be prepared to change the entire neo-colonial system that we inherited from pirates and sea dogs. Yes, this is the type of system that is leading us down the road of total chaos.

There is nothing that can be salvaged to the benefit of our future generations from this decayed and dying slave master plantation system. Yet most of us are prepared display a sense of false pride and hold on with our last ounce of courage and die with it. As long as the gap between the haves and the have-nots continues to expand at the present rate, be prepared to be victims.

The only way to avoid such a fearful future is to create a new and just society that is people oriented, where every citizen has a right to benefit from the country’s patrimony. We are all entitled to royalties from the wealth of our blessed country. Coming together to eliminate the piracy in our governance or die trying should be our first move towards changing the system, not killing each other every day for nothing at all.